10 Best Magic Weapons, Ranked

For some, Dark Souls 3 is a game where magic comes to life and is a viable tool to use as you take on enemy after enemy. Starting off as a magic-user can be a daunting task though if you don't know where to start. What spells are better than others and, more importantly, what weapon do you use to defend yourself?

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There are tons of weapons to choose from in Dark Souls 3, but not every weapon is worthy of being imbued with magic. Also, what of the weapons that already have magical capabilities? This list aims to help those who wish to finally make take that plunge into the world of magic and gain a better understanding of what weapons will help you the most.

Updated on January 21, 2021, by Reyadh Rahaman: The greatest asset for magic weapons is usually the potential to deal damage against adversaries that have high physical damage reduction. Piercing through their guard with blue-white moonlight energy can turn even the most stalwart obstacles into lifeless husks. Weapons capable of such beautiful devastation on occasion also come with interesting movesets and skills that Ashen Ones can use to fell their foes.

10 Greatsword of Judgement

This weapon may take a little while to get unless you have a friend who is willing to drop it for you, but the Greatsword of Judgement is one of the best magic weapons you can use. It is transposed from the Soul of Pontiff Sulyvahn which you don't encounter until you are making your way to Anor Londo. It may be a long trek, but it is worth the reward of having a natural intelligence-scaling weapon that is comparable to the Moonlight Greatsword without the vortex. This weapon is great if you are planning to have some physical attributes along with your intelligence.

Possessing virtually the same moveset as the Bastard Sword, the Greatsword of Judgement is relatively easy to use and has versatile attacks. Both the weak and strong attacks have horizontal and vertical slashes with decent range, which makes it a great weapon in most kinds of environments. When fully upgraded to +5, it will possess 200 physical and 158 magical damage. Be sure to take advantage of its weapon skill, Stance of Judgment, for it can unleash a wicked thrust when a weak attack is used or a wave of energy if a strong attack is performed.

9 Lothric Knight Sword

The Lothric Knight Sword is able to be gotten pretty early on in the game. You can get this weapon by farming the Lothric Knights just before the Vordt of the Boreal Valley boss arena. When given the crystal infusion, it gets an S-scaling in intelligence which makes it extremely useful for magic builds. Another great thing about this weapon is that it has pretty low stat requirements for strength and dexterity. Keep in mind that this weapon does have a low drop rate, but it is worth the farm.

With thrusts, horizontal slashes, and vertical slams, this sword is one that offers many combat options. It is also very quick and has a greater range than expected, particularly with its thrust attacks. Furthermore, because of these thrusts, it can deal substantially more counterattack damage than other straight swords. If infused with the crystal gem and upgraded to +10, it will be capable of 133 in both physical and magical damage for a serious split-offensive.

8 Immolation Tinder

This is another weapon that is acquired later on in the game right before the Pontiff Sulyvahn boss fight. It drops from the Fire Witches that use this weapon to cast pyromancies. Despite its appearance, it can be used to cast sorceries as well as deal significant damage. It has a good range which is useful for staying away from enemies as well as a decent spell buff when fully upgraded. It requires some leveling in both dexterity and strength but with an A-scaling in intelligence, it is one of the best magic weapons without the need for infusion.

As a halberd that is capable of casting spells, it occupies an interesting niche. The polearm moveset is great for out-spacing foes who draw too close and the ability to cast pyromancies and sorceries allows the wielder to deal with any ranged threats. When upgraded to the maximum +5, it unleashes 206 physical as well as 132 fire damage. Few enemies can escape immolation when facing this portable pyre, especially when its Punitive Flame skill lets loose a twisting serpent of fire.

7 Great Corvian Scythe

As the name implies, this weapon drops from the Corvians in the Road of Sacrifice. This weapon has the longest reach out of any of the other scythes in the game and when infused with crystal, it gains an S-scaling in intelligence. This weapon is great for anyone who wants to roll dexterity as well as intelligence in their next build.

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In case you were wondering if this weapon could get any better, it also has the bleed effect to help you tear enemy health down faster. The only negative with this weapon is that the bleed effect also applies to you, so be careful when wielding it.

Since scythes naturally have a longer range than many other melee weapons, it can keep foes at bay with wide, arcing slashes. Crystal infusion and a full upgrade to +10 results in the Great Corvian Scythe dealing 92 physical and 126 magic damage. Against humanoid foes, its weapon skill, Neck Swipe, can be deadly as well but guarantees a critical strike on the target.

6 Onikiri and Ubadachi

Onikiri and Ubadachi is a pair of katanas that you receive pretty late in the game as you are traversing Lothric Castle. More specifically, it is dropped by Black Hand Kamui in the Grand Archives. This pair of katanas are another great choice for anyone wanting to do a dextrous magic build since they scale primarily with dexterity. If given the crystal infusion, these deadly weapons gain an S-scaling in intelligence allowing them to hit hard for any magic-user. Plus, you get the benefit of being a magical ninja. Who wouldn't want that?

Much to the joy of ninjutsu aficionados, these paired blades are ideal for rapid and aggressive assaults. Able to unleash combos composing of swift slashes intermingled with thrusts, Onikiri and Ubadachi's string of attacks can cause the enemy's bleed bar to build up very quickly. Delivering 98 physical and 135 magical damage at +10 crystal infusion means that adversaries will have much to be worried about. Though since the offhand blade is very short, wielders need to get very close to their enemy for maximum damage output. An ideal way to approach an adversary is to use the weapon skill, Onislayer, which slashes forth with both swords to deal massive health and poise damage that can interrupt plenty of attacks with a high chance to stagger foes.

5 Crystal Sage's Rapier

The Crystal Sage's Rapier is a great weapon to use for any magic-user. It has a long reach to help you keep the distance from your enemies and can stunlock enemies with ease. It can be obtained pretty early in the game from transposing the Soul of the Crystal Sage. When fully upgraded it has an A-scaling in intelligence and doesn't require high strength or dexterity to wield. Even if this weapon isn't for you, you can still reap the benefits that it offers due to it increasing your item discovery just from holding it. Unfortunately, it can't be used to cast spells as well.

Thrusting swords offer many different strategies in battle. They can be wielded alongside a shield and combined for thurst attacks launched while the user's guard is raised. They can be used two-handed for unorthodox, and unpredictable, offenses. Though, this particular rapier's weapon skill offers arguably the best way to take advantage of its 100 physical and 150 magical damage at +5. When its Stance is used, players can follow up with either a tricky backstep leading into a lunge or unleash a flurry of piercing pokes.

4 Friede's Great Scythe

Friede's Great Scythe was added in the Ashes of Ariandel DLC and is acquired by transposing the Soul of Sister Friede. This weapon is great for sorcerer builds with an A-scaling in both dexterity and intelligence when fully upgraded. It also has a strong weapon art that slashes enemies multiple times while also stacking frostbite on them. This weapon is great for those who want to have high dexterity (which is beneficial to any sorcerer) because of its massive damage potential.

Contrary to other polearms where the user needs to strike a foe with the bladed portion of the weapon to do full damage, Friede's Great Scythe remarkably deals full damage even when connecting with the armament's shaft. This in combination with the unique conjuring of the ethereal offhand scythe makes for combat maneuvers that are difficult for enemies to counter. In addition, the innate frost build-up and the magic damage inflicted make it tough to even defend against properly. 200 physical and 140 magic damage at +5 mean that this is not a weapon to underestimate.

3 Moonlight Greatsword

Everyone who has played a Dark Souls game knows about the Moonlight Greatsword. After all, it has been in every game in the Souls series. This is one of the best weapons for anyone that is looking to invest their time into a magic build due to its great weapon art and innate magic ability.

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Each heavy attack causes a wave of light to shoot out of the blade and the weapon art unleashes a vortex of magical energy. While it doesn't have the greatest intelligence scaling in the game, it is mainly used with intelligence and almost no scaling from any other stat.

Its moveset is very similar to the Greatsword of Judgment and should be used in a similar manner for the best results. With wide horizontal slashes and punishing vertical slams, this mage-oriented blade can shut down enemies at close range very effectively. Its longer-ranged magical moves need to be charged before being unleashed, so wielders need to time their attacks well to avoid missing their target. However, there is a better way to take advantage of the Moonlight Greatsword's 126 physical and monstrous 238 magical damage. The hitboxes of the ranged attacks and the actual blade stack together, meaning that if both hit an enemy simultaneously, they'll take significantly more damage. A great way to use this with little repercussion is to don heavy armor and poise through lighter enemy attacks in order to charge and launch your own attacks with near impunity.

2 Crescent Moon Sword

Think of the Crescent Moon Sword as a miniature, curved version of the Moonlight Greatsword. It is obtained from killing Ringfinger Leonhard when you invade him using the Black Eye Orb once you kill Aldrich. It is a pretty worthwhile weapon for any sorcerer build since its weapon art allows you to fire off projectiles like the Moonlight Greatsword while also allowing you to attack at a faster rate. It scales primarily off of dexterity with a little less scaling from intelligence.

Appearing much like a shotel, one would expect their player model to leap about like one of the agile skeleton enemies down in the Catacombs of Carthus, though it actually possesses a moveset closer to the Falchion. As such, its running attacks can deliver a stunningly quick upward slash that has no telegraphing for an excellent way to initiate close-ranged combat. When fully upgraded to +5, it deals 142 physical and magical damage respectively.

1 Heysel Pick

The Heysel Pick is dropped, appropriately, from Yellowfinger Heysel when she invades you in the swamp. It primarily scales off of intelligence which makes it good for anyone wanting to solely focus on the magic aspect of the game with a very small strength requirement. It is also another weapon that can function as a catalyst to cast your sorceries, allowing you to wield a shield as well. It holds a place as one of the best for its functionality with sorcery builds.

Technically classified as a hammer, it offers surprising amounts of poise damage in addition to its other traits. At +5, it has 162 physical and 122 magical damage, granting it great usability as either a catalyst or melee weapon. At close range, use it to stab at foes with its (very odd for a hammer) thrust-type damage. When afar, use the Steady Chant skill to boost one's magical potency before blasting enemies with sorceries. Either way, your adversaries don't stand a chance.

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