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When Days Gone released as a PS4 exclusive, it was to mixed reviews by critics. They felt that Deacon St. John and the in-game world showed clear promise, but were overall underdeveloped. Fans felt differently, though, as the innovative hordes of zombies proved an exciting new spin on the classic horror trope. In fact, Days Gone was the best selling title for the week it was released in the United Kingdom, topped the charts in Switzerland, and outsold God of War's all time sales in Japan. The critics might've been off about this one, and fans have been trying to show Sony that ever since.

Sony hasn't said anything about a potential Days Gone sequel, but the developers have confirmed they're working on other games outside of that universe. This lack of communication was disheartening to fans, who then did what all fans do when they believe key issues need to be addressed. The Days Gone community started an online petition in order to get Sony to notice that the hunger for the next title is there, even if the critics didn't understand it. The petition has gone on to surpass several impressive milestones, and is still growing in signatures to this day.

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So Many Signatures

The petition was started by Kanhai Ravel less than a month ago with the purpose of getting Sony to greenlight Days Gone 2. The author puts out a call to the fans to sign his petition, stating that Sony pulling the plug on the game was wrong given how loved it was. Kanhai also takes issue with the cliffhanger fans were left with at the end of the game. This most likely refers to the secret ending where Deacon learns of a new variant to the Freaker virus that is infecting and mutating all humans.

Kanhai has released a couple of updates as the petition has reached milestones, thanking everyone for their continued support. The latest was in recognition that the petition was reaching near 50,000 signatures and the author hopped on to thank the fans before putting out a rallying call. Seeing as the Days Gone 2 petition now has over 100,000 signatures in less than a month, it seems that Kanhai has tapped into something that fans have really been looking for. Whether Sony will listen to the pleas is yet to be seen, but that hasn't stopped them from asking all the same.

Sony's Silence Looms

Sony decided that it wouldn't make Days Gone 2 when it reportedly rejected a pitch from the original developer. This decision was likely based on the troubled development and the mixed reviews it received from critics. Sony Bend, the developers behind Days Gone, was assigned to support a Naughty Dog project before being reassigned to a new IP altogether. Some have speculated that Sony assigned Bend to a spiritual successor to Days Gone. This would allow Sony Bend to draw from its experience in a post-apocalyptic setting while still giving in to what fans loved about the original game.

This likely wouldn't satisfy the 100,000 fans who are hoping for a Days Gone sequel, though. What these fans are looking for is a meaningful and fleshed out version of the original. In a way, it could even be a way for Sony Bend to get another shot at the world and protagonist that critics didn't necessarily understand. Although, it's likely another game would've had something less than positive in store for Deacon, as stories rarely end as happily as his did. Time will tell if Sony is willing to hear the fans' cries for Days Gone 2, as the petition's signatures are growing by the day.

Days Gone is available now on the PS4, and releases May 18, 2021, on the PC.

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