Every Tattoo That Days Gone's Deacon St. John Has

For a game that first launched on the PS4 back in 2019, Bend Studio’s Days Gone has been making a lot of headlines over the last few months. Between the news of an imminent PC release next week and the game’s debut on PlayStation Plus in April, more people than ever are finding themselves with access to it.

With demand for a Days Gone 2 growing with each new fan, there’s an outside chance that Sony might one day take a second look at the story of series protagonist, Deacon St. John. It's doubtful at this point, but fans have been making a lot noise so it's not impossible. While the characterization of Deacon would need to be expanded upon in any future installment, there was at least something unique about his design. A big part of his identity often silently revolved around his assortment of tattoos, all of which had deeper meanings.

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Deacon St. John's Neck Tattoos

Of the 12 visible tattoos that decorate Deacon’s body, the two that are the most frequently seen throughout Days Gone are located on either side of his neck. On the left side the words “Forever MC” are proudly displayed for the world to see, while the word “Sarah” accompanies them in parallel on the opposite side.

Sarah is the most simple of the whole dozen to understand, being a direct reference to his wife who plays a central role in directing the game’s narrative. Forever MC can also be taken literally, and acts as a testimonial to his love for the Mongrel Motorcycle Club he represents at every opportune moment throughout Days Gone.

Deacon St. John's Front and Back Tattoos

For the majority of Days Gone, the starting point of a chest tattoo can be glimpsed peeking out from the top of Deacon’s shirt. Eventually during a scene that involves the character receiving medical treatment the artwork makes its full appearance, revealing a symmetrical ornate dagger. In that same scene, it’s also revealed that Deacon has the Mongrel Motorcycle Club’s Bulldog logo emblazoned across his entire back, with the words “Farewell Original” written at the bottom in reference to the group’s Oregon based origins. In terms of symbolism, the back tattoo makes it clear that Deacon carries the group’s beliefs with him at all times, while the dagger is likely a reference to the danger the organization was often associated with before the zombie apocalypse struck.

His Arm Tattoos

Through the way Deacon brandishes his guns and melee weapons in Days Goneit’s suggested that the character is right-handed, which goes some way to explaining why his right side is the section of his body that includes the most decoration. In total, 5 different tattoos can be spotted up and down the dominant appendage. For starters, at the very top a winged-skull is immortalized on Deacon’s shoulder as a potential tribute to the character’s history with the United States Army. This is backed up further through a second piece of artwork on his hand that depicts the insignia of the 10th Mountain Division, the Army Unit that Deacon joined at a young age. Two popular tattoo patterns can also be found in close proximity to these, with a barbed wire and Grim Reaper design covering Deacon’s bicep and forearm respectively.

Traditionally barbed wire represents inner struggle and torment, which seems appropriate considering Deacon’s character development before and during Days Gone’s plot. The Grim Reaper also has deeper meaning beyond the allusions of death it’s usually associated with in popular culture, and is likely meant to promote good luck and courage on this occasion. One final tattoo located on this side is spread across his right knuckles and spells out the word “RIDE," which only makes complete sense when examining his opposite hand.

Deacon's Other Tattoos

Across the knuckles of Deacon’s left hand is the word “HARD," which when viewed in entirety with the right hand tattoo acts as a reference to the motorcycle culture that’s a constant theme at the heart of Days Gone’s story and gameplay. By comparison to his right arm, the rest of Deacon’s left side has a lot less work done to it, perhaps as a result of the unexpected zombie apocalypse and subsequent abandoned plans.

The remainder of Deacon’s left hand has a detailed tattoo of a skull and bones. However, the traditional bones have been replaced by wrenches as a way of paying tribute to the mechanic job he acquired after leaving the military. A final tattoo, found on the left bicep, depicts a snake wrapped around another knife with the words “Freedom Enduring” accompanying it. In some cultures, a pattern like this has its origins as a tribute to Mercury, the Roman God of travel, which makes perfect sense for Deacon considering the biker culture he so proudly embodies throughout Days Gone.

Days Gone is available now on PS4 and releasing May 18, 2021 on PC.

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