Days Gone Has Been Played for an Insane Amount of Time

It has been a year since Bend Studio released Days Gone, which was one of the biggest PS4 exclusives of 2019. Shortly after Days Gone launched to the PS4, the game received mostly positive reviews from both players and critics due to its gorgeous open-world environment and immersive combat mechanic. Now, Bend Studio revealed in a tweet that Days Gone players were able to rack up a total of 200 million hours in the game, among many other impressive stats.

Apart from the impressive amount of time spent by Days Gone players one year since the game's release, they were also able to clear out 45 million hordes and 32 million infestations, along with 30 million ambush camps and 30 million checkpoints. Of course, prior to these impressive stats, Days Gone also became one of the best-selling games in Japan, and two weeks after its release in the country, Days Gone was able to surpass the lifetime sales of Detroit: Become Human, God of War, and The Last Guardian.

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At the moment, it is unclear what lies ahead for Days Gone, given that Bend Studio still hasn't announced any official plans for a sequel. However, the game's technical director Christopher Reese spoke out about the possibility of Days Gone 2 in an interview saying that the studio is definitely interested in making a sequel to the 2019 game. Unfortunately, if a sequel will be made in the future, Bend Studio would have to find a new voice actor for protagonist Deacon St. John in the Portuguese version, given that the Filipe Duarte, who provided voice work for the character in Days Gone recently passed away after a heart attack.

Days Gone is out now for the PS4.

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