How to Call Supply Drops

Deep Rock Galactic is a unique game. But what sets Deep Rock Galactic apart from other co-op shooters isn't just its sci-fi fantasy hybrid aesthetic, its classes, or its procedurally generated level design. It's also its mission structure.

As its dwarven cast implies, Deep Rock Galactic isn't just about shooting. It's also about mining. Save for a few mission types, like extermination, most of Deep Rock Galactic's missions involve gathering some form of resource. The enemies aren't the main objective, but just another deady obstacle.

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While this gives players who have bad aim something to do, it also means that a round of Deep Rock Galactic can turn into an endurance test, depending on how heavy the enemy onslaught is. But the game isn't cruel, and when the player's back is against the wall, they can order a supply drop.

Deep Rock Galactic's Supply Drops

The supply drop works exactly like it sounds. When a player calls a supply drop, a resupply pod drills down from above and lands the player's assigned point. Anything under the pod as it lands, whether its a player or enemy, takes damage.

A resupply pod will fill 50% of a player's equipment ammo and health. During missions with Deep Rock Galactic's low oxygen anomaly, it will also deliver extra oxygen.

The Cost of Supply Drops

Supply drops aren't free. Any player can call one, but they need to spend 80 Nitra to do so. Nitra are red crystals that players can find throughout the caves, and are used primarily for munitions. Deep Rock Galactic's gunner is best suited for collecting it.

Just collecting the Nitra isn't enough. It also needs to be deposited in the player's M.U.L.E robot. They either need to return to the M.U.L.E's current spawn point, or call it to them using C on the keyboard, or Y/Triangle on the gamepad.

Once these pre-conditions are met, the player is ready to summon a resupply pod. All they need to do is press 5 on the keyboard, or double-tap down on the gamepad's d-pad, and they'll equip the resupply tool. From there, they choose a flat and open surface, and the resupply beacon will appear, the pod following suite a short time later.

It doesn't matter which character mined the Nitra. Anyone can call a resupply pod once the team's collective Nitra is high enough. That being said, players players should make sure there isn't something more important their character class can be doing before dedicating time and resources to calling it.

Deep Rock Galactic is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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