Deltarune Chapter 2: Spamton Boss Fight Guide

While Deltarune's second chapter is filled with plenty of secrets and challenges to discover, one of the most interesting is the secret boss that players can find in the Queen's Mansion's basement. Getting there itself is a challenge, but the actual fight can easily wipe out Kris, Susie, and Ralsei all in one turn if players are caught off guard.

Due to the nature of this secret boss, there will be some spoilers for Deltarune's second chapter ahead. Because of this, it is recommended at least make it past the encounter with Tasque Manager in the Queen's Mansion before reading further.

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Before starting the battle, players need to take the necessary steps to unlock the secret boss: Spamton. This is not to be confused with his initial mini-boss fight within the city, as this battle is a far more difficult one to complete.

Pre-Battle Preparations

As the Spamton fight is one of the most difficult in the game, it is very important for players to prepare for it beforehand. Because of this, players should stop by the Cafe in the Queen's Mansion and buy Butler Juice, also known as But Juice. This will heal 100 HP in battle, which is incredibly helpful if a party member is low on health or if they are downed. Having as many active party members as possible is key to winning.

If players can afford it, the armors offered by the Cafe are also recommended, as the attacks in the boss battle can deal a lot of potential damage. Any amount of defense will help, even the defense of Susie and Ralsei. While it might not seem like they'll be part of the battle at first, they will still join and help Kris.

General Strategy

The main mechanic for Spamton NEO will be very familiar to those who have previously played Undertale. Players will have to use their soul to shoot bullets at any of the blue objects shot out by Spamton NEO during the battle. Failure to do so will often result in more bullets covering the screen that are extremely difficult to dodge or graze without taking damage.

Spamton NEO's fight can be completed via fighting him or by using the Act command in order to snap all of his wires. In both defeat methods, players will want Kris and Susie focused on snapping wires or attacking with Ralsei on healing duty. Any TP gained should be used by Ralsei for healing in order to prevent running out of healing items in case of emergency. If players want to defeat Spamton NEO via attacking, don't have Susie use the Rude Buster, as this will waste TP that can otherwise go toward keeping the party alive.

During certain attacks, Spamton NEO will expose different parts of himself such as his hearts, eyes, nose, and mouth. It is important to focus on breaking these parts in order to stop the bullets from being fired out of them. Breaking the eyes, nose, and mouth will destroy them for the rest of the battle.


Defeating Spamton NEO will provide players with different rewards depending on how players chose to fight him. By attacking Spamton NEO, players will get a Puppet Scarf, which is a weapon that can be equipped to Ralsei. By cutting all of the wires, players will get a Dealmaker, which is an armor that increases defense and increases money earned from battle. No matter what, players will also get a Shadow Crystal as a reward for the battle.

It is currently unknown what the Shadow Crystal does, but more of them may be appearing in future chapters based on its menu text.

Deltarune: Chapters 1 and 2 are available now for PC via and Steam.

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