Destiny 2: Best Fusion Rifles, Ranked

Fusion Rifles have become more and more popular in Destiny 2 over the years. These unique charged weapons pack a punch up close, shooting five projectiles at a time. Skilled players commonly use a Fusion Rifle in the Crucible, and some even use the class in The Trials of Osiris.

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Because Fusion Rifles have the potential to deal a massive amount of damage in an instant, they can dominate in PVP. Not all of the Fusion weapons in the game are viable, however. This guide will include all of the top-tier Fusion Rifles in the game and explain the advantages of using each.

For PVP: Exile's Curse

While this Fusion Rifle has pretty average stats across the board, it has a few rolls that make the weapon viable. For example, the Killing Wind perk gives the Rifle 20 more range beyond the default cap, giving Exile's Curse more range than most Fusion Rifles. The perk also increases mobility and handling for six seconds after a kill. Slideshot is another impressive perk. It reloads weapons after a slide and provides a three-second boost to both range (+20) and stability (+50). Simply slide around the map to keep these boosts active. Because of these perks, the Fusion Rifle is one of the better choices in Destiny 2.

FOR PVE: Vex Mythoclast

For controller players, the Vex is a reliable option in PVE. Oddly, it has a large scope, but a very low range. Thankfully, the Vex has an incredible 100 aim assist. Hitting small and moving targets is a breeze with this gun.

The exotic's intrinsic trait allows it to operate as a close-range linear Fusion Rifle as well. The adaptability and forgiveness of the Vex makes it an ideal primary in many PVE scenarios. In PVP, it is average at best because of the slow TTK and limited range stat.

For PVP: Bastion

At one point the Bastion was the best Fusion Rifle in the game. Bungie decided to give the gun a slight nerf by widening the bullet spread. Because of the nerf, the Bastion is more of a close to a mid-range weapon. When charged, the gun fires three rapid bursts of seven bolts.

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Guardians that connect all of their shots deal up to 600 damage, which is enough to take down a super. If two of the three bursts hit a target, that will still be enough to secure a kill. The limited range holds this Fusion Rifle back, but the damage potential up close makes it one of the top options in the game currently. Gamers that have good accuracy will rack up eliminations with this weapon.

For PVE: The One Thousand Voices

With particle destruction, Fusion Rifles in general will dominate in PVE for some time. Of the available options, it is hard to find a better gun than One Thousand Voices. Slower Fusions like One Thousand Voices work well against bosses when guardians aren't racing to beat a timer.

Charged Fusions allow the player to deal high damage while not being exposed to a boss while unloading the clip. Charge up the gun behind cover and unleash the charged blast to take huge chunks of boss shields and health. Even without a catalyst, One Thousand Voices is an impressive Fusion for boss PVE.

For PVP: Glacioclasm

The Glacioclasm Fusion Rifle has some of the best base stats in the game. This high-impact Fusion Rifle has an incredibly high 67 range with very good base stability of 36. Unlike the Fusions above, this weapon has a high zoom value, giving it more versatility and range. With the right perks, Glacioclasm is one of the most dominant weapons in the game.

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In the third perk column, Killing Wind and Slideshot are options. Another viable column three perk is Under Pressure. When a clip is below half, accuracy increases by 25-50 percent. With all of these beneficial attributes, it is evident that Glacioclasm is a solid choice in the class.

For PVE: Cartesian Coordinate

The Cartesian Coordinate is a rapid-fire frame Fusion Rifle that has the chance to roll with the Vorpal Weapon perk in the fourth column. This perk increases damage against bosses and vehicles, which is incredible in Raids and other PVE events.

The 15 percent damage buff may not seem like much, but it makes a world of difference against an enemy with a large health pool. Another thing to note is that this is the only rapid fire frame Fusion that rolls with Vorpal Weapon. Cartesian Coordinate is one of the top Fusions to have in PVE, especially for boss fights.

For PVP: Plug One.1

A precision frame makes Plug One.1 an accurate and controllable Fusion. It also has an ideal 75 recoil direction, so keeping shots on target will not be challenging. The precision Fusion Rifle has great base stats and a number of top-tier perk options to choose from. Heating Up, Killing Wind, and Under Pressure are all third slot options.

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Heating Up increases the accuracy and stability of the Fusion Rifle for five seconds after every kill. The perk stacks too, with two kills increasing both accuracy and stability by 30. The Kickstart perk pairs well with Heating Up. It gives the user bonus damage and a faster charge time. Those two perks alone provide a ton of impactful buffs.

For PVE: Jötunn

This weapon could have been included in either category, but it shines against every type of PVE enemy. The charged shot melts the shields and health bars of bosses, and the volatile launch damages multiple adds with just one shot.

In PVE, pretty much any of the firing modes will one-shot a guardian. Jötunn is basically a launcher disguised as a Fusion Rifle. There is no skill needed to master the weapon, and it is guaranteed to cause a wave of destruction.

For PVP: Timeline's Vertex

Zoom is important when trying to extend the ranges of a Fusion Rifle. Timeline's Vertex has the longest zoom options of any Fusion Rifle in the game. The weapon can roll with Firmly Planted, arguably the best perk for a Fusion Rifle in Destiny 2. When Firmly Planted is active, it greatly increases accuracy while granting both 35 stability and 35 handling. It would be difficult to find a better perk for the class.

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Timeline's Vertex has the scopes to hit shots at range and the perfect perk for precision. The only catch is that Firmly Planted only activates while crouched. Guardians will be appalled by how easy it is to one-shot enemies with this setup.

For PVE: Telesto

Telesto is probably the most broken Fusion Rifle in Destiny 2. Time and time again, Telesto has made waves in the community. It was a very good gun in Destiny 2, but the glitches and bugs that constantly accompany it make it insane. It has been the best gun in the game about 20 times.

From infinite ammo to invisibility, the number of times Telesto has created game-breaking bugs is hard to count. In retrospect, Bungie had to be messing with the player base. Every guardian should have this gun in their rotation to be ready for the next ridiculously overpowered glitch. Also, it fairs pretty well on its own.

For PVP: Merciless

This High Impact weapon is essentially a better version of the Glacioclasm. While it may have a slightly slower charge time than the above Fusion Rifle, it is superior in every other category. In the menu, the Merciless has just 75 impact. In-game, however, the weapon dishes out 100 impact with every shot. Whether this is a glitch or not is unclear. What we do know is that in practice, this Fusion Rifle is insane.

The exotic perk called Conserve Momentum speeds up the charge time slightly and makes this destroyer of Guardians even more impressive. Unlike the other high-impact Fusions, Merciless can have the Kill Clip perk. While Kill Clip is active, users only need to hit three of seven shots to secure a kill. It is hard to beat that. If players add a catalyst, the weapon's range increases to 81, and stability boosts all the way to 75. Couple all of these attributes with 69 aim assist and Merciless is tough to stop.

Destiny 2 was released on September 6, 2017, and is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, and Google Stadia.

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