Destiny 2’s Crow Could be the Next Character to Die

Crow has become one of the most beloved characters in Destiny 2. The young Guardian has been important across multiple seasons, and Crow is a viable option for Hunter Vanguard or successor to the Speaker. While Crow struggles with understanding the sins of Uldren Sov’s actions, the Season of the Lost story could see him fall short of both those grand expectations.

While the current season of Destiny 2 stresses the relationship between the Awoken and the Vanguard with Crow in the middle, it also puts his character in a dangerous situation. For a long time, the truth about who Uldren Sov was had been hidden from Crow, seen as a potentially corrupting reminder of his past before being resurrected by the Light. Now that he knows the truth, Crow seems to be slipping into a spiral that could cost him dearly.

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Crow's Past

While Mara Sov and the Vanguard hiding Uldren’s actions from Crow is a debatable choice, it also set him on a path of isolationism. Having the same face as Uldren resulted in the abuse, extortion, and murder of Crow on several occasions. While he has yet to lose his Light and die permanently, the possibility is still there. Now with Crow deciding to be reassigned and venturing out on his own, he could be in serious danger.

Wanting space to process his emotions is understandable, but Crow runs the risk of trying to prove himself as more than a shadow of Uldren Sov. Uldren's arrogance became a part of who Crow is, and attempts to shed the person others see in him could be detrimental. It makes sense that in his reassignment from the Dreaming City, Crow may attempt to find and save the Warlock Osiris. While the man Crow knew was Savathun in disguise, he still viewed the legendary Warlock as his mentor, and no redemption could be as grand as returning to the Tower with Osiris without using the Awoken’s help.

This headstrong approach could be what Savathun wants. If Crow ventures into the unknown alone, he risks falling victim to those who are far more powerful. The weekly reset in Destiny 2 has filled out more of the story for Season of the Lost, and now the Techeuns players saved have talked about an enemy still unknown to the Vanguard and Awoken. Savathun is unlikely to have shared everything she knows, and while she may want freedom from the Worm Gods and Xivu Arath, she could also be looking for easy ways to lead any other opposition to her plans astray.

Destiny's Two Queens

Being stuck in a power struggle doesn’t bode well for Crow’s future. While everyone wants to see Osiris returned, it is very that the actions being taken by Mara Sov and the Awoken are a means to defeat Savathun and her Hive rather than to retrieve the Warlock. Both Savathun and Mara Sov have spent considerable portions of their dialog in Season of the Lost trying to sway Crow and the player’s Guardian.

While it makes sense for them to want strong allies, as the conflicts of Lightfall and Final Shape slowly approach, putting Crow in between them may only hurt him. Even though he and other members of the Vanguard want to do good by humanity and the Light, they don’t often influence and manipulate those they see as potential allies. The conflict with the Cabal in Season of the Chosen became a diplomatic armistice founded on the idea of each group pursuing their intentions without engaging one another. This is an approach neither Mara Sov nor Savathun seem to be using.

This is worrisome. While the two Queens have begun to give Crow the space he wants, it seems to be less about what he desires as an individual and more about their political and military interests. Neither the Witch Queen nor the Awoken Queen have much to gain from Crow being allowed to exist as an independent person. Both have admitted to manipulating him in their own veiled ways, clearly seeing Crow as more of a tool like Ager's Scepter rather than a person yearning to understand who he was in a past life.

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Destiny 2's Spoiler Alert

Crow also runs the risk of dying in Destiny 2, not just because of his choices but because of the narrative the game may be telling. It was recently revealed that the addition of Spoiler Alert in Destiny 2 was not done without reason. Fans were worried given the sidearm first appeared in the Warmind expansion before Destiny 2 killed off Cayde-6 in Forsaken.

Given the weapon’s history with Uldren Sov, its flavor text “someone is going to die,” and the fact that Bungie has teased another major death, it feels like Crow may be on the chopping block. He’s young, brash, and continues to walk around like he’s invincible. This is understandable since Guardians already wield so much power, but it could lead to his death.

There’s a lot of potential for Crow to be a problem in the Witch Queen expansion, but he has to live through its story long enough. If Crow continues down the path that he’s on now, he could be dead by the time Savathun invites Guardians into her thrown world. Whether this means Season of the Lost will end with Crow’s death or the Witch Queen will start with the Guardian dying, it seems Crow could be in real danger - despite those around him thinking they know what to do to protect him. Mara Sov’s actions already cost Uldren’s life in the long run, and the Vanguard’s choice to hide Uldren and his fate from Crow only alienated him, making his future uncertain.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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