Destiny 2 Crown of Sorrow Raid Boss Beat By Two Players

Following Destiny 2's Be Bold clan's World First completion of the Crown of Sorrow raid, it appears that the challenge runs for the latest raid have begun, and now two YouTubers known as Vendetta and Gigz have claimed the World First completion of a two-man Gahlran challenge. According to Vendetta, this challenge took the pair about 30 hours to iron out and was one of the most intense challenges he has ever taken part in.

Vendetta and Gigz managed to formulate a strategy that led to Gahlran's fall despite the hardship of the challenge, and as a result, Vendetta shared a few key details he learned about the Destiny 2 boss with other players. For those struggling with Gahlran, it's worth highlighting that crystals always rotate clockwise and will detonate in roughly 10 seconds.

Timing melee attacks on the deceptions is key, but with a Warlock that has an empowering melee (or burn damage melee), the buff lasts a little longer. Swapping buffs doesn't require both players to stand within the Witch's Vessel circles, as long as one stays inside the circle and both still shoot the ball in the center. Also, staying close to Gahlran will result in his Jotunn adds always missing, which makes survival in this Destiny 2 raid a lot easier to manage.

Notably, having a good weapon loadout is also important in completing the raid (and any particular challenge run), and Vendetta is rocking the Destiny 2 Mountaintop grenade launcher, the season 5 Crucible pinnacle weapon. It requires to ultimately hit Fabled rank in comp and earn tons of grenade launcher kills, so those interested in the weapon will need to grind.

Congratulations to Vendetta and Gigz's for their achievement. Checking out the two YouTubers' two-man completion of Gahlran will also likely go a long way in helping those fireteams still struggling with the Destiny 2 Crown of Sorrow raid. For those in need of help, check out our guide on how to beat the first encounter in Crown of Sorrow.

Destiny 2 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit

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