Destiny 2 Player Initiates Nuzlocke Run With Permadeath

Although Destiny 2 is conceived as a looter shooter with deep, unique lore, it is often the case that players want something more out of the game - be it an extra challenge or playing with a different set of rules. For example, is not uncommon to witness Destiny 2 players placing bets while completing activities in the game, with the losers having to delete some fo their god-roll weapons. Some endgame activities are already based on artificial difficulty, meaning that it's not something that's intrinsic to the game, but rather something that is meant to add layers of complexity - such as the extra Champions in Master Vault of Glass.

As such, in their search for a hard challenge, a Destiny 2 player decided to initiate a Nuzlocke run to test their skills and ultimately reach the goal of completing a Grandmaster Nightfall. The player shared a post on Reddit under the name of Rete12123 in which they stated the rules of their Nuzlocke challenge, which will end in a permadeath if the player's character dies at any point, for any reason.

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This might seem a little harsh to some players, especially seeing how death and rebirth are part of Destiny 2's lore thanks to the Traveler's Light and the Ghosts. However, the idea stems from the popular Nuzlocke challenge for Pokemon games - after which it is also named, in this case - and it also imposes the rule of using only guns and gear acquired in the run, which will be deleted upon death.

Again, this is similar to the concept used for Pokemon games, where players have a limited amount of Pokemon encounters they can catch, and every Pokemon lost in battle is to be considered dead and therefore never used again. With the ongoing discussion about Pokemon games becoming too easy, it doesn't come as a surprise that some players like to have a harsh challenge in front of them. In this case, it seems that the same holds true for Destiny 2.

And yet, Destiny 2 remains an extremely complex game where players have to learn the mechanics behind encounters the hard way, which makes a Nuzlocke run all the more of a daunting task. Regardless, some might argue that Destiny 2's major changes to artifact mods and Masterwork gear coming with The Witch Queen could make the game easier, but the new weapon crafting system and Hive Guardians are likely to state otherwise.

Destiny 2 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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