Destiny 2 Players Want Black Armory Weapons Back

Among Destiny 2's most interesting features is the ability to get multiple weapons for loot, each with a unique perk combination on it, which makes for the so-called "god roll hunt." With Destiny 2 being a looter shooter it makes perfect sense to have random rolls on weapons to encourage farming for them, and finally getting the one players wanted all along after some time is indeed a very satisfying experience. Abilities play a big part in Bungie's MMO, but Destiny 2 was always meant to be mostly about its guns, combining them with interesting build concepts and making the most out of a character.

One of the most successful seasons of Destiny 2 is Black Armory, and the reason why this is the case is that it brought many new weapons, weapon mods, and perk combinations that players enjoyed a lot. Examples of Black Armory Legendary weapons beloved by many are the Blast Furnace pulse rifle, which was considered the best in the game also thanks to its unique 4-burst shots, and the Hammerhead machine gun, which had a very interesting perk selection.

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Because Black Armory weapons were so iconic to the Destiny 2 community, players would love for them to return at some point, and a recent post by a Redditor called chaosmassive got fans to share their ideas. The post itself suggests that Gunsmith Materials, which are currently only exchangeable at Banshee-44's, could be used to instead get random Black Armory weapons from Ada-1, the original NPC in charge of the Season's content. Ever since the forges were removed from the game, however, Ada-1 was put in charge of the game's transmog system, Armor Synthesis.

Still, many other players commented on the fact that The Witch Queen's weapon crafting system could be the perfect place for Black Armory weapons to return. Maybe not from a lore standpoint, according to others, but weapon crafting is seemingly a way to allow Destiny 2 players to make their weapons the way they want, at least after a while. Unsurprisingly, the case for Black Armor weapons to return is made again and again by players who were there during the corresponding Season, and there's hope Bungie is listening.

Recently, a Destiny 2 player discovered the Niobe Labs area for the first time, and many fellow Guardians were quick to the nostalgia of the Black Armory era. Whether Black Armory weapons will return in the future is yet to be determined, but it would surely make many players happy.

Destiny 2 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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