Destiny 2 Regains Control of Twitter Account After Being 'Hacked' by Cabal Empress

Destiny 2’s official Twitter account has been recovered after Season 13 villain and Cabal Empress Caiatl hacked the account to encourage Guardians to join her cause. The takeover, which was part of a well-orchestrated social media stunt by Bungie developers, started several days ago on March 8.

In the current Season of the Chosen in Destiny 2, players have been tasked with interfering with the Cabal Empress’s attempts to gain support from remaining Cabal factions through ritual combat in the Battlegrounds activity. This season has also had a weekly quest that sees key characters in the Destiny 2 story updating players on the situation, leading many fans to praise Season of the Chosen for its improved storytelling when compared to previous seasons.

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Empress Caiatl’s Twitter takeover started with her attempting to rally Guardians to fight against a “shared enemy” after the beginning of Season of the Chosen saw Commander Zavala refusing to negotiate an alliance with the Cabal. Since the internet is already whipped up by tall, female characters thanks to Resident Evil: Village’s Lady Dimitrescu, some Destiny 2 fans were quick to fawn over the 9’10 Cabal leader, leading to some sassy replies from the Empress herself.

After appealing to Guardians’ affinity for turning slain gods into weapons, Caiatl dealt a low blow to the Destiny community when answering a question from Destiny lore enthusiast and Twitter user AnonPig about having any regrets for betraying her father Emperor Calus. The Empress said in a tweet: “Life is a chain of decisions, triumphs, and regrets. Do you regret failing to save Cayde-6?" This week’s story quest also saw an attempt on Vanguard leader Commander Zavala’s life. Caiatl’s response to a question about the assassination seemed to imply that the Empress had little to do with it, leading to Destiny lore master My name is Byf to question the legitimacy of Caiatl’s tweets in terms of the in-game canon story of Destiny 2, and who could really be behind the assassination attempt.

Today, the Vanguard issued an apology on the official Destiny 2 account to say that the infiltration is being investigated. Destiny social media manager Nicole Olson, who was responsible for posing as Empress Caiatl with help from the Destiny 2 narrative team, also tweeted to thank the community for playing along with the social media stunt.

Given Destiny’s weakness over the years regarding storytelling, despite its fascinating and intricate lore, it is very refreshing to see Season of the Chosen getting so much praise for its evolving story. The Battlegrounds missions nicely set the scene, but the added mystery from the weekly quest and updates to the Presage exotic mission aboard the Glykon have elevated this Season above any other.

With recent news that Bungie is heavily investing in expanding the Destiny franchise potentially beyond video games, the Destiny 2 community could be about to experience a golden age of storytelling in the Destiny universe. However, given the scope of this task and difficulties due to COVID-19, it is unlikely players will see much soon.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light and the new Season of the Chosen are available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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