Destiny 2 Should Add More Shaders Like the 30th Anniversary's Mystoposphor

Destiny 2 has had lots of interesting changes made to it last year, and one of the most outstanding ones has to be the Armor Synthesis feature, which essentially works as a rather traditional transmog system. This addition finally allowed Destiny 2 players to customize their characters much more than in the past, all while not having to give up on stats or useful mods like in the past. The Armor Synthesis system is far from perfect, and upon release, it was criticized for demanding insane grinding on the community's part in order to get a few free uses to turn armor pieces into universal ornaments.

However, the fact that now players can freely swap between ornaments and armor sets made it possible to create all sorts of fashion sets in Destiny 2, be it inspired by existing characters of other franchises or fully customize new ones. Today, a new Shader called Mystoposphor was released in the Eververse's Bright Dust store, and it's one of the new Shaders that were introduced through the 30th Anniversary Pack. This Shader is particularly appealing for those players who are nostalgic about the original Destiny armor sets and Shaders, such as Glowhoo, Weldfire, Superblack, and the likes of them, and Destiny 2 should add more new color schemes inspired by its predecessor.

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Why Destiny 2 Needs More Shaders Like Mystoposphor

The new Mystoposphor Shader is very unique because it makes armor pieces glow, while also animating the fabric with moving shades of pastel green and violet. Destiny 2 doesn't have many similar Shaders available, and some of those that did something similar, such as Bergusian Night, are no longer obtainable for New Lights who didn't play through the Black Armory storyline and its forges, which used to drop weapons with Bergusian Night. This makes Mystophospor a great addition to the game that is surely needed for more diversity in terms of looks and color combinations, which are often lacking with the trend of making mostly black sets.

Most Destiny 2 Shaders simply make armor sets glowy or matte, and they rarely change the way the texture of metal or fabric looks, which instead would make those Shaders see much more use. Even simple Shaders like Destiny's Superblack have not been implemented in the sequel, and players have to use a plethora of different Shaders to make a full black look because each of them behaves inconsistently on dissimilar armor pieces.

Many players are still voicing their opinion about Destiny 2's armor sets being much more uninspired than those in the original game, which could also come with Strike-specific and Raid-specific themes to make them feel like achievements of sorts. While it's unlikely for Destiny 2 to ever implement something like that at this point in time, it's not impossible that more Destiny-like Shaders such as Mystoposphor will become available in the future. Mystoposphor is also a great fit, thematically speaking, for The Witch Queen expansion and Season of the Lost, and it seems only natural that Shaders like the original Glowhoo, Weldfire, or The Queen's Web will make a return further down the line.

Because Bungie seems to care about customization in Destiny 2, it should be noted that the developer did a great job on Mystoposhpor's unique scheme and the way it animates armor pieces. However, this shouldn't be taken as the pinnacle of customization in the game, and instead, Bungie should further make interesting Shaders that dramatically change the way armor sets look. Overall, Mystophospor is also virtually free, considering that Bungie is gifting 700 Bright Dust per week to all players, and this is the perfect time to grab it.

Destiny 2 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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