The Case for Bringing Back More D1 Raids After Vault of Glass

With the original Destiny's first raid Vault of Glass finally arriving to Destiny 2, players have been quick to reexperience one of the highest points of the first game and reunite with some of their favorite weapons. However, as these players continue to dive into the activity, they are also hitting the limits of everything they can get out of it from farming for weapons to challenging themselves to solo runs of the Vault of Glass bosses.

As a result, some longtime players are asking to see some of their other favorite raids return to Destiny 2, while new players a hungry to see what else they might have missed during the original game's heyday. In this case, it would be a good idea for Bungie to start shopping around the idea of reaching back for even more of the older content and raids from Destiny in order to bridge the gap between the two games.

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Vault of Glass Bringing Back Old Weapons

One of the best aspects of bringing Vault of Glass back into Destiny 2 is returning weapons like Destiny's Fatebringer and Vex Mythoclast back into players' hands. This means that longtime players can finally return to some of their favorite weapons from vanilla Destiny and new players can try out gear they might have never had access to before. Considering that the base game for Destiny 2 is free-to-play now, new players appearing to experience older content isn't entirely out of the question.

With so much of even Destiny 2 itself being vaulted during the sunsetting from Beyond Light, keeping or reintroducing familiar weapons from the original game can go a long way towards helping players fall into a comfortable groove. Of course, there are other reasons to include older content, such as giving players new challenges to overcome in Destiny 2, but these rewards often become what leads players to continue attempting the raids over and over. Similarly, Vault of Glass isn't the only raid that Bungie introduced during the initial run of Destiny and its expansions.

Destiny's Other Raids

The original Destiny eventually added three new raids after Vault of Glass, including Crota's End from the Dark Below DLC, King's Fall from the Taken King expansion, and finally Wrath of the Machine from the Rise of Iron expansion. These all added new encounters to overcome, as well as new weapons to hunt down and finish out extensive exotic quests to obtain. While they didn't all gain the same level of interest from fans as the Vault of Glass, each of these raids and their expansions mark different mind blowing moments in Destiny's history.

Each of these raids have their own high points and low points that deserve as much attention as Vault of Glass, especially if Bungie is looking to continue bringing players back to the series. The most notable of these three raids is likely King's Fall, given that the Taken King expansion acted as one of the largest influxes of new and returning players during the first game's initial run. However, everyone has their own favorites and their own reasons that completing Destiny's Vault of Glass shouldn't be the end of retreading the older successes of the original game.

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Vault of Glass Wasn't Every Players' First Raid

An interesting note about the early days of Destiny and the rate at which players were actually able to participate in and finish raids is that not everyone was able to get into Vault of Glass before Dark Below arrived. This means players who hadn't gathered enough players or high-level gear for the first raid might have had to wait until Crota's End or even King's Fall before they could participate in the current raid at the time. As a result, while Vault of Glass usually comes out on top for Destiny raid rankings, there is definitely a percentage of players that grew more of an attachment to other activities.

In the case of both Taken King and Rise of Iron, these expansions were responsible for bringing tons of new players to Destiny in the years after launch. So, there are a lot of players still playing today who only started on King's Fall or Wrath of the Machine, and that's not even mentioning players who only first joined at Destiny 2. If the goal is to either introduce new players to everything they didn't know about Destiny or give longtime fans more of what they previously enjoyed, then giving the option to play everyone's favorites should be the next step.

Return to Oryx's Dreadnaught for the Touch of Malice

Bringing this entire topic full-circle onto the weapons that bringing the Vault of Glass into Destiny 2, it should also be noted that there were plenty of fan-favorites locked behind completing certain raid objectives. One of the most prominent of these is likely the Touch of Malice, the ultimate reward for finishing the Taken King's main exotic quest and defeating Oryx and his henchmen for the first time. Other weapons of this style like the Outbreak Prime have been reintroduced to Destiny 2 without the raid, as well as other favorites like the Black Spindle.

There are other weapons of note from each of the three remaining raids, such as the Word of Crota from Crota's End or the Chaos Dogma from Wrath of the Machine. While not every weapon is quite as impressive as Fatebringer, or even some of Destiny 2's current raid weapons, many of them had a time where they acted as a strong part of the game's meta. The point is that there are a lot of weapons locked behind content that players would want to play again, but the way these two games released and their content has been vaulted means that some fans have to make do. Unlocking access to all of the choices for weapons and other gear players have had over the history of the Destiny series could go a long way to holding onto new players for longer and bringing others back into the game after having left.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S.

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