Witch Queen Will Change How Orb Generation Works

Bungie's weekly update on all things Destiny 2 made its first appearance of 2022 this week. There were a number of announcements, but the one that got the Destiny 2 community riled up was the change to how Orbs of Power are generated.

Up until the release of the Witch Queen expansion, Orbs of Power were generated by using masterwork weapons, using exotic weapons equipped with their completed catalyst, or by casting supers. Once generated, the glowing orbs will fill up the player's super gauge. It is important to note that Orbs of Power will only be generated on weapon multi-kills rather than every kill.

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The masterwork and Orbs of Power system have been in place for years. There have been a few complaints, namely that exotic weapons lacking a catalyst cannot be masterworked to generate the orbs, but it was a fairly straightforward system. With the Witch Queen expansion only weeks away, Bungie has decided to make a change to Orbs generation. Beginning in the new expansion, Orb generation on weapon multikills won't be tied to the weapon's Masterwork status, but rather be provided by a suite of armor mods tied to the Helmet Armor Mod socket.

According to Bungie, each mod will apply the Orb-generation effect to all weapons the player has equipped of a certain damage type. While it will also apply to weapons with multiple damage types like Hard Light, in theory, a player could need up to three armor mods if they're using three separate damage types. This is in addition to competing with other mods in the helmet slot. Players are already hit and miss about armor mods and this decision puts another point in the negative category.

Until the new weapon crafting system is rolled out, it will be hard to see Bungie's reasoning for this decision. As it is, players must take it on faith that Bungie knows what it is doing, but that can be hard as the company has made serious errors in the past regarding game design (ex. sunsetting). Further complicating the issue is that because of the engine that Destiny 2 runs on, it often takes months for Bungie to walk back a change or modify it. This is usually after the weeks or months of fans begging for a change. While fans can't do anything but wait, one can expect a lot more complaining from the forums and subreddits.

Destiny 2 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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