Disguised Toast Talks More About Not Being Invited to Jimmy Fallon Among Us Game

DisguisedToast is back on Twitch after a productive two years contractually bound to streaming on Facebook Gaming. Once known as a Hearthstone streamer, Toast has spread his wings during his time at Facebook. He now streams a variety of games, but is finding unique success in his candid conversations with Twitch chat. During these chats, Toast addresses any and everything. One recent example is Toast going into detail about an Among Us event with Jimmy Fallon.

In a recent clip from DisguisedToast talking with his Twitch followers, he describes why he wasn't chosen for the event despite being a hugely popular Among Us streamer. Rather, Toast described why his friends were chosen first. He says Valkyrae is "funny and very animated, and a beautiful woman," Corpse Husband has his music, as well as a "cool personality and deep voice," and Sykkuno is, "cool, anime, nice voice, cute boy." As for himself, Toast compares himself to Aang from Avatar the Last Airbender and says he may not be "mainstream" enough.

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In April earlier this year, Jimmy Fallon did a segment featuring Stranger Things actor Gaten Matarazzo where the two played Among Us with The Roots and some invited guests. Since the event was also for charity, several popular streamers were invited to participate in the event, including Valkyrae, Victoria Tran, Sykkuno, and Corpse Husband. A notable omission from the group was DisguisedToast, who at the time was easily one of if not the most popular Among Us streamers in the world.

Fans were aghast that DisguisedToast wasn't included. Toast, Corpse Husband, Sykkuno, and Valyrae were inseparable when it came to streaming Among Us, so Fallon's lack of an invitation to Toast felt almost like an insult. At the time, Toast said that he wasn't included in the Jimmy Fallon show because there "wasn't enough room," but he still encouraged his followers to watch and support its charitable efforts.

There's likely some truth to DisguisedToast's read on the situation. Obviously, someone involved with the Jimmy Fallon show chose Toast's friends but not Toast himself. It could be due to Toast's mainstream appeal, or it could be due to Toast's personality and playstyle not fitting the vibe Fallon's producers wanted for the event.

Either way, not starring in Jimmy Fallon's Among Us event hasn't hurt DisguisedToast by any means. If anything, being left out of the group called more online attention to Toast than otherwise. Now Toast gets to make jokes about fighting the Fire Kingdom on Twitch instead of attending Jimmy Fallon. All in all, that's a pretty good trade.

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