Disguised Toast Claims He Got Banned From Twitch on Purpose

Twitch streamer Disguised Toast is a well-known troll. Whether it's his friends, fellow streamers, or his audience, Disguised Toast likes to toy with people -- all in the name of fun (and profit), of course. Several days ago, one such example of Disguised Toast's trolling came to fruition as he was banned from Twitch due to streaming licensed content. Further, he trolled Twitter and the media be claiming he'd be gone for a full month. Two days later and Toast is back, admitting it was all as he intended.

To show what he meant, Disguised Toast shared a text conversation that he recently had with fellow Twitch streamer and OfflineTV member lilypichu. The back and forth shows that Disguised Toast asked Lily to report him for a DMCA strike while he watched anime on-stream. The reason why? Toast says to Lily that it's to "scare people from watching anime." He adds that if she does it while he's live on Twitch, it could "scare a lot of people."

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Toast does go on to admit that he's surprised the DMCA strike took so long to kick in. Those who have been watching Disguised Toast's stream will recall that he watched the entirety of the anime Naruto, as well as all but the conclusion of Death Note, before he was ultimately banned by Twitch. By then, Disguised Toast wasn't the first to get banned for streaming anime or other live television. By trying to get banned, he may have helped contribute to the wave of watching shows on-stream in the first place.

While Toast says he started this to scare streamers away from anime, that's also a half-jokingly said goal. He later elaborates, explaining that he had no reason for what he did and, "I guess I'm just bored." "It's not like I have anything new to advertise," Toast says, before standing and stretching, revealing a new Disguised Toast-branded hoodie that appears to have just gone on sale.

As with most things that Toast says regarding his behavior, there are layers of half-truth to his explanations and actions. His perhaps most honest explanation for what's now clear was a "prank" leading to his own ban delves into his thoughts on Twitch's DMCA system. He believes that "something is broken" with the system as it stands. He doesn't think it was right for him to have gotten away with watching all of Naruto, but similarly he doesn't think Hasan Piker should have been banned following a false DMCA strike.

In the end, there's likely no remedy to the situation for Twitch. Dealing with DMCA is a wasp's nest, but obviously dealing with extremes like Hasan and Toast's cases need to be reigned in. In the meantime, Twitch streamers like Toast will have their fun, make some money having fun with the situation, and move on to the next thing.

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Source: Dexerto

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