Why Doctor Strange Needs Loki In The Multiverse of Madness

Since the first season of Loki proved to be a major success, the events of the series have led to a great deal of speculation amongst MCU fans about if and when they’ll get to see the God of Mischief before season 2 premieres. Given the nature of the season 1 finale and the huge impact it’ll have on the rest of the Marvel universe, fans have been hoping to see Loki resurface later this year, during Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, to help the sorcerer deal with the destruction of the multiverse.

Doctor Strange 2 already has a lot going for it, including (but not limited to) the return of Wanda Maximoff, the birth of live-action Evil Strange and the introduction of America Chavez into the MCU. Without Loki, the film already stands on some pretty solid ground, especially after the events of Spider-Man: No Way Home, which has left viewers hungry for more multiversal adventures with their favorite sorcerer.

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All that being said, Strange does have some pretty formidable foes to conquer, all while attempting to restore the balance of time and keep the fabrics of reality from unraveling. Magic or not, this is an incredibly daunting task for any hero. This is obviously the reason why Strange enlisted the help of Wanda, but Loki could very easily be the key to solving all of Strange’s problems.

For starters, Strange asked Wanda for her help because he was seeking her knowledge of the multiverse. Having become a multiversal anomaly himself, Loki also knows a great deal about the multiverse and how it works. Unlike any other Marvel character so far, with the exception of Sylvie, Loki is the only person who managed to reach the end of time and have a face-to-face sit-down with the creator of the universe. Loki knows who wrote the timeline, he knows that there are numerous Kang variants about to emerge across the multiverse and he’s even had the chance to get to know the people responsible for upholding Kang’s vision (aka the TVA).

But not only does Loki know the secrets of the universe, he also has access to top-secret TVA information that Strange could use to help him in the next part of his journey. Although Mobius seems to have no recollection of Loki according to the season 1 finale, Loki’s memory is still very much intact, meaning he knows how to navigate his way through the TVA. For example, Loki can access the TVA’s files and tell Strange more information about the threat he’s up against. Even more important, however, is the fact that Loki knows the TVA has a massive collection of Infinity Stones just waiting to be used.

If Loki were able to snag a Time Stone from the TVA, he could replace the one Strange lost at the end of the Infinity Saga, making their fight against the multiverse at least a little bit easier. Strange still wears the pendant he once kept the Time Stone locked away in, so surely he isn’t doing so without reason. Having the Time Stone means Strange can reverse time, giving him the opportunity to stop a problem before it has time to manifest in the multiverse.

Not to mention, Loki has his own special tricks up his sleeve, having practiced his own form of magic since he was a child. Loki’s shapeshifting ability surely seems like a unique skill Strange could find a use for and if Loki, Wanda, and Strange were to unite forces and fight this next multiversal battle together, their odds of winning are significantly increased. Each magic-wielding character has their own special skill set that, in combination with the talents of each other, makes them a powerful force to be reckoned with.

Between Strange’s messy spell in Spider-Man: No Way Home, Loki’s inability to stop Sylvie from killing He Who Remains and Wanda’s Westview tragedy in Wandavision, all three characters have unfinished business they need to attend to. While it seems as though they all try to do their best and use magic responsibly, Loki, Wanda and Strange still have a lot to learn. Whether it be understanding the role magic plays in the conservation of the multiverse, or simply knowing how to perfect their craft, each magician can learn something from the other.

As of right now, whether or not Loki will be in the Doctor Strange sequel is still unclear. Loki was nowhere to be found in the first official Multiverse of Madness trailer, however recent events from Spider-Man: No Way Home have proven that characters can still show up in MCU projects, even if they don’t pop up in any trailers. It’s also no secret that Doctor Strange 2 has undergone some pretty significant reshoots, which led a lot of fans to believe that the sequel will have more to do with No Way Home and Loki alike. Regardless, Strange could certainly use Loki on his side as the multiverse continues to run rampant and cause chaos for Marvel’s heroes.

Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness hits theaters May 6, 2022.

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