Liquid Courage Treasure Hunt Guide

Far Cry 6 has brought the series into a fresh new setting for gamers to find all the secrets throughout the game. One of the many treasure hunts in Far Cry 6 requires players to find the secret stash of the previous owner at the brewery.

The previous owner has locked themself in their office after an order was made by one of the Far Cry 6 villains to remove him from the premises, which created an order to hunt him down with force. However, since the order was to do it without damaging the property, no one has been able to reach the hidden office effectively.

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It is also believed that the previous owner stashed away some impressive valuables. So for Far Cry 6 achievement hunters looking to find all the treasure in the game, here is how to reach the hidden office in the old brewery for the Liquid Courage Mission.

Liquid Courage Treasure Hunt

The brewery can be found in the northeastern corner of Noventermas, east of Gobernador Ridge. Players can start the mission by heading inside and reading the note left in the orange briefcase with the purple jewel emblem. After that, run through the door into the backroom to start this Far Cry 6 puzzle.

Valve 1

Gamers will need to turn all the valves in the correct order for this next part of the mission. The first one can be found immediately to the right outside the door next to some cardboard boxes. It will be bright orange with some steam coming out of the side of it.

Valve 2

Next, fans will need to turn around and walk up the small stairs directly behind them. Then, turn right and keep going to the back of the room to find the second orange valve tucked away in the corner.

Valve 3

After that, the last valve can be found in a tricky corner at the top of the room. Players will have to climb up the grating to the top of the room and walk along the three large white pipes. Keep walking along the side without falling, and the third valve with be at the very end.

Main Fermentation Vessel

Once this is done correctly, there should be a loud alarm that goes off, and the main beer container with the Star Rocket logo should have three green lights on it. Players will then need to turn this last valve, and the container will shoot through the ceiling from the pressure build-up.

Use the grappling hook to climb through the hole in the ceiling and crawl through the open-air vent in the next room. This will allow gamers to drop into the office. Fans should find the dead body of the previous owner next to a huge treasure chest on top of a metal table.

Some players have reported glitches in Far Cry 6 with this puzzle, saying that all the lights won't turn green when done correctly. Unfortunately, the only solution to this problem would be killing the protagonist and restarting the last checkpoint.

Far Cry 6 is available for PS4, PS5, PC, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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