Far Cry 6's Pagan Min DLC Secret Ending Reveal Major Connection Between FC4 and FC5

Far Cry 6’s second major DLC, Pagan Min: Control, is out now, with many fans of the franchise diving into the mind of Pagan Min. Whereas the Vaas DLC is about letting go of Citra and Jason Brody, the latest DLC is about holding onto the family that Pagan Min lost or never really had in the first place. MASSIVE SPOILERS FOR THE PAGAN MIN DLC AHEAD.

Just like Vaas’ DLC, players can unlock a secret ending to Far Cry 6’s Pagan Min DLC by completing a run on Mind Level 5. Each of these secret endings have massive implications for the franchise, with Vaas being alive opening up so many possibilities for in-world events. Even if nothing ever comes of it, knowing Vaas is alive and beat Jason Brody, effectively, is a nice touch to the DLC. Pagan Min’s secret ending, arguably, has bigger implications for the world around him.

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Far Cry 6’s Pagan Min: Control DLC Secret Ending

Whereas players see Vaas alive and well in his secret ending, Pagan Min keeps the ambiguity around his death. In Far Cry 4, he either leaves Kyrat on a “vacation” or dies in a number of ways. Players thus encounter a recording Pagan Min left behind for Ajay Ghale, where he mentions either being dead or on vacation. It’s a nice touch to keep continuity in check, but what this recording reveals is huge.

Laughing that he didn’t spent all of Kyrat’s money on golden statues of himself, Pagan Min reveals that there is a nuclear weapon beneath his palace. This is due to America’s interference into his personal life, into his country, and so on; thus, the nuclear weapon is pointed at the United States, with Pagan Min stating it’s aimed somewhere near Montana. Fans of the franchise likely recognize this reference; in Far Cry 5’s ending, it turns out that Joseph Seed is correct about the coming end of days, as nuclear weapons fall on the United States, including Montana.

Backing up for a second, what this means is that the events of Far Cry 4 now retroactively influence the events of Far Cry 5. Players likely remember that there is no real “good” ending in Far Cry 4. Ajay Ghale either turns over Kyrat over to Sabal or Amita, with one turning the country into a theocracy with some seriously misguided beliefs again and the other turning it into a dangerous drug state.

Either doesn’t sound sustainable for the country, so it seems sometime after the end of Far Cry 4, things escalate once again and Kyrat plays some role in bringing the world to an end via “The Collapse,” as seen in Far Cry: New Dawn (a direct sequel to FC5). It should be noted that multiple superpowers launched nukes in this 24-hour window, but there's no mistaking that Pagan Min's nuke in Far Cry 6 is what appears in FC5.

Thus, with the next DLC featuring Joseph Seed and appropriately titled Collapse, it could be that there are more connections drawn. Regardless, what this secret ending means is that Far Cry 4 led to nuclear weapons that were warned about in FC5, destroying the world at its end, and the repercussions thereof seen in Far Cry: New Dawn.

The games have always been connected, with Hurk being one common element (except in Far Cry 6). However, it’s always been in a loose, almost anthology-like way. When one set on the timeline and how, or if, it connected to the others didn’t matter—that is, until Far Cry 6. With this DLC, with the voice of Vaas appearing in Far Cry 6’s main campaign, it seems safe to say that the Far Cry universe is being brought together in new ways.

Far Cry 6’s Pagan Min: Control DLC is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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