Five Nights at Freddy's Security Breach: How to Decommission Monty

The Thrill Seeker mission in Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach centers around decommissioning Monty, and it can be quite difficult to complete. Indeed, players will need to locate some elusive items and solve a fairly tricky puzzle before they reach the end of Thrill Seeker. For those fans that may be stuck at some point in this Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach mission, this complete walkthrough should provide assistance.

To note, players should complete the Monty Golf mission before they attempt to tackle Thrill Seeker. That mission will lead FNAF fans to the office in Monty Golf, where they will obtain the Faz Camera and the Mazercise Ticket. The second of those two items plays a major part in decommissioning Monty, and players that have not yet collected it should return to this guide when they have the ticket in hand.

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FNAF Security Breach: Thrill Seeker Walkthrough

Find Out How to Decommission Monty

After obtaining the Mazercise Ticket, players should use it to enter Mazercise on the atrium’s third floor. Survival horror video game fans should then head forward and to the left, pass through the purple door, immediately turn to their right, and pass through the blue-gray door to enter a small interior room. Pressing a button on the panel on the wall in this room will update the Thrill Seeker objective, and that is exactly what players should do.

Find Mazercise Control Key in the Daycare Theater

Players should now leave Mazercise and use the elevators on the atrium’s first floor to reach the Daycare in Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach. Upon entering this area, fans should follow the “Pick-Up” signs until they pass through a rollup door with a sun and moon painted on it. Players should then follow the walkway that leads to the left to reach the Daycare Theater.

At this point, fans of scary video games should continue forward until they run into the wall with the Pirate Adventure poster on it. Players should then descend the stairs on the left, take a right at the bottom, and proceed forward to another set of stairs. At the bottom of these stairs, players should turn left and continue following stairs downward into the basement.

Once a fan has reached the bottom of all of the stairs, they should head forward and to the right to pass through some red double doors. There is a save station inside of this room, and there is a present right next to it. That present contains the Mazercise Control Key, and looting it will activate the FNAF animatronics that are in the basement.

Use Mazercise Controls to Move the Walls and Access the Vent

With the Control Key collected, players should return to the room with the aforementioned panel in Mazercise. Fans will use the buttons and switches on this panel to reorient the walls in the maze so that they can reach the vent, and here is exactly how that is done:

After inputting the Mazercise puzzle solution in FNAF: Security Breach, players should exit the small interior room, pass through the door on their right, and navigate through the maze until they reach the vent. At the end of the vent, fans will encounter a ball-shooting cannon, which they should use to hit the two illuminated targets. This action will trigger the start of the Monty’s Claws mission, where players will ultimately engage with Monty.

Monty’s Claw: Fill Splash Bucket, Dump Splash Bucket, and Collect Monty’s Claws

Fans must now run around on the scaffolding, locating additional cannons and firing balls into the large illuminated splash bucket. When the indicator above that bucket is filled, players should approach it, follow the barrier that is in front of it to the right, and press the button that is attached to that barrier. This action will cause Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach's Monty to be decommissioned, and players should collect his claws.

Upgrade Freddy in Parts and Services

All that is left to do now is to head to Parts and Services and upgrade Freddy. For full clarity, this area can be reached by riding the lift attached to FNAF: Security Breach's main stage down to Basement 2 and walking forward through the two sets of red double doors. Players that do this will find themselves in a room with a computer, and they should select “Claw Upgrade” on the terminal before interacting with Freddy Fazbear.

Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach is available for PC, PS4, and PS5.

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