How to Purchase a Random Item From a Malfunctioning Vending Machine

A new batch of Season Quests is now available in Fortnite, and one of the challenges instructs players to purchase a random item from a Malfunctioning Vending Machine. While this instruction is quite clear in its meaning, some fans may still struggle to locate a Malfunctioning Vending Machine and complete the task at hand. This guide is here to assist those players by providing some tips on how to approach this Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 quest.

Prior to providing details on how to find a Malfunctioning Vending Machine in Fortnite, it is worth mentioning that the random items that they sell cost 100 Gold Bars each. As such, players that are low on Gold Bars should spend some time smashing furniture pieces, looting chests, and completing bounties before they put their focus on this quest. Fans that do not follow this advice may end up frustrated when they locate a Malfunctioning Vending Machine but do not have the requisite number of Gold Bars.

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Fortnite: Malfunctioning Vending Machine Locations

To begin, it is important to clarify that all the Vending Machines that are scattered across Fortnite’s map have a chance to be Malfunctioning Vending Machines, which have red screens with white exclamation points. However, the specific machines that receive that special designation are randomized every match. This means that it is not possible to recommend a single Vending Machine that will always be available for the purposes of completing this Season Quest.

Instead, players that are working on this challenge should focus their searches on areas with a lot of Vending Machines, as doing so will increase their chances of quickly finding one that is malfunctioning. Coney Crossroads and Sleepy Sound are great options for this approach, as they are near to one another and are home to three Vending Machines each. Indeed, players that start their matches by checking the Vending Machines at Coney Crossroads and then drive up to Sleepy Sound to look at its machines should finish this Fortnite quest without much trouble.

To make this process as simple as possible for Fortnite players, here are details on the precise locations of the Coney Crossroads and Sleepy Sound Vending Machines:

Coney Crossroads Vending Machines

  1. Near the picnic tables at the SoFDeez in the southeast corner.
  2. At the gas station in the northeast corner.
  3. By the fountain and bus stop at the northwest corner.

Sleepy Sound Vending Machines

  1. Outside Big Shots at the southwest corner.
  2. At the gas station in the northwest corner.
  3. Under the walkway that bridges the white-and-brown brick buildings in the southeast corner.

Fortnite is currently available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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