Fortnite Player Discovers Trick To Stay Alive While Down

Being downed in Fortnite is often not a fun experience. In most cases, players have to wait for their teammates to finish eliminating enemies so that they can be revived. If players don't get there fast enough, they will instead have to collect their reboot card and resurrect them at a reboot van. However, one Fortnite player has found a way to get around this.

This trick can only work if a downed player is close enough to a Mending Machine, crawling there before their life runs out. Mending Machines are used in Fortnite for players to heal themselves and they are used similarly in the exploit. Downed players must crawl to a mending machine and can spend 200 gold bars to partially heal themselves, this can allow players to stay downed for an indefinite amount of time provided they have enough gold bars to keep healing.

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This exploit can be particularly useful to players when the storm circle has nearly fully closed in as this is when it becomes particularly difficult to find reboot vans that are not in the storm. There are only 12 Mending Machines on the Fortnite map currently which means that the trick will not be something that players will be able to use frequently.

The Mending Machine trick is one of a few exploits that Fortnite players have found this year. The most recent example being the new Spider-Man emote called the Neighborly Hang. This allows players to stay suspended above doorways without their feet being seen, as the emote causes players to hang upside down without their feet touching the ground. The emote has only recently come out so it might be some time before Epic Games gets around to fixing it.

This glitch isn't the only one that had a major impact on Fortnite this year. Fans have come across a few including one that gave players unlimited heals, while a different Fortnite glitch was causing players to lose their gold bars after every match. This understandably really upset the playerbase, and thankfully, Epic Games was quick to patch these issues out of the game as many fans considered it to be game-breaking.

In other Fortnite news, Epic released a Boba Fett skin over Christmas. The skin came just in time for the new Disney Plus series featuring the Star Wars villain called Book of Boba Fett which premieres in a few days on December 29.

Fortnite is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and mobile devices.

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