Genshin Impact Players Are Arguing for Curated Difficulty

Genshin Impact has been growing in popularity since its release in September 2020, leading to a very large player base with a variety of opinions on where the game should go in the future. When a large chunk of the game's audience agrees that a problem has popped up, this means it's probably an issue that needs dealing with. Right now, a group of Genshin Impact players has teamed up to argue that the game could use some curated difficulty features.

Reddit user spacemonkey1357 kicked off the discussion by bringing up the most recent Genshin Impact event as of writing, A Study in Potions. Many players have been having difficulty with the event for two very different reasons: experienced players with powerful characters may find it too easy, while inexperienced or free-to-play players may find it almost impossible to complete.

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According to spacemonkey1357, a player who started in the game's first week and is willing to spend money on Genshin Impact characters will have a radically different experience with A Study in Potions from a player who joined more recently and isn't spending money. This may not seem like a big issue, but the problem is that spacemonkey1357 has found almost every event in the game laughably easy. Meanwhile, they state that friends who joined the game later or are less entrenched in the meta found the event nigh impossible. This leads spacemonkey1357 to suspect that only a fraction of players found A Study in Potions truly engaging, which is a bit of a problem.

Spacemonkey1357 believes the solution to making more engaging Genshin Impact events lies in adding a difficulty level system. They went on to state that since most complaints about Genshin Impact's main story quests and overworld combat aren't connected to the overall difficulty level, elements of the existing world level difficulty system should remain. However, adding a supplementary difficulty customization option could help players find the ideal challenge level during events.

Other users have agreed that events should scale to the player's power level, especially since in Genshin Impact build doesn't always correlate to world level. Players who haven't started farming artifacts are also experiencing trouble, while some high-level players are complaining that they can't help lower-leveled friends during events. One user, _Laeve_ stated that they believe some primogems were being locked behind difficulty barriers rather than participation barriers, leading to some players being punished for being new to the game.

Genshin Impact is available now on Mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5. A Switch version is currently in development.

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