Genshin Impact Should Have Difficulties Like Diablo 3's

Like many video games, Genshin Impact's difficulty increases as the player reaches higher levels, scaling the environment to keep the experience lively. With Genshin, the levels of the enemies that occupy Teyvat rise each time the player's World Level goes up, so the game never stays too easy, but it means that players need to take builds with artifacts and weapons seriously to maximize their damage output, or they may make it through some of Genshin Impact's challenges.

Unfortunately, players don't exactly have a choice when it comes to world difficulty. World Level increases every five Adventure Ranks after 15, and sometimes, the World Level will automatically increase, such as at ARs 30 and 40. Other times, players will need to complete an Ascension quest. It's possible to put the Ascension quest off, and any EXP that players earn will roll over once they've Ascended World Levels. In fact, many players choose this option so that they're not bogged down by more difficult enemies around Mondstadt, Liyue, and Inazuma. However, doing so doesn't address other issues that some find with having blanket difficulty levels across all players based on their World Levels.

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For example, the most recent Genshin Impact event, A Study in Potions, has proven to be difficult for free-to-play players, or those who don't spend any money on the game such as by purchasing Primogems or the battle pass, versus those who spend a lot of money on Genshin Impact. Though players can build a perfectly formidable team with just four-stars, and five-stars become available via pity pulls, they likely won't get other perks such as the best weapons in the game. Simply put, to avoid situations such as these, Genshin Impact should introduce customized difficultly levels so players can make their experiences the best to their own opinions, which, of course, is subjective based on the person. And Diablo's torments are a great example to pull from.

Diablo's Difficulty System

Like Genshin Impact, a big part of the Diablo 3 experience is grinding for the best gear, and its difficulty settings truly allow players to choose their levels based on their own playing ability, but higher difficulty levels will grant more rewards. This is similar to Genshin Impact's Domains, where instead of encountering monsters of a certain level range, players can choose that range, such as scaling down to a recommended level of 60 even if the party is at an 80 average, knowing the possible rewards that would come with completing the challenge won't be the highest possible quality.

The names of Diablo 3's difficulty system and Torment levels can vary a bit based on the platform, but in short, there are three tiers of difficulties such as Normal, Hard, and Expert before the Torments. Torments (which replaced the earlier Inferno difficulty) are broken down into 16 levels as of patch 2.6.5, though they're not all available to the player immediately. Torment 7 and above are unlocked once players prove their worth through Greater Rifts. Like the regular difficulty tiers, Torments offer different bonuses at each level such as increased chances of dropping legendary items. At Torment 7 or higher, Rift Guardians are guaranteed to drop a Forgotten Soul. Each Torment also increases monster health and damage and offers gold and experience bonuses.

There are more rules and caveats to Diablo 3's Torment system, but Genshin Impact's open world would do well to take after this system. Already does the game drop more and better items at higher World Levels, but there's no way to customize this the way Diablo's difficulty tiers can be changed at will depending on how the player is feeling at the time. If there were such options, players would be able to increase difficulties if they want to grind for certain items, but decrease it if they want more casual, relaxed play, or simply if they're not as willing to maximize the efficiency of kits as other players and take the time and research to do so. This would increase difficulties for players who find Genshin Impact and its events too easy in their current state.

Genshin Impact is out now for Mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5, and is currently in development for the Switch.

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