Genshin Impact Fans Discuss the Game's 'Annoying Features' That Don't Make Sense

Genshin Impact has been growing in popularity, but more attention on the open-world action RPG means that more attention is also being paid to its flaws. Although the game's regular update schedule and fairly consistent events have given it some praise, it appears that many players are growing frustrated with the game's design issues. A group of Genshin Impact players is now discussing the game's most annoying and nonsensical features.

Redditor Flimsy-Cup3823 kicked the discussion off by listing a number of odd and confusing features that make gameplay unnecessarily difficult or annoying or just make no sense given the game's lore. This isn't the first time a group of Genshin Impact players has complained about an aspect of the game, but it may be one of the most vitriolic.

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Flimsy-Cup3823's list includes the Archons not being immune or at least resistant to their own elements and the playable Raiden Shogun's island-slashing attack not being able to get through a Dendro shield. The list goes on to note that floating specter enemies can't be sucked into a black hole, Overload explosions deal less damage than Vaporize and Melt, and Superconductivity can only shred physical resistance. Finally, they observed that Genshin Impact still does not allow players to skip dialogue, even for quests they've already played repeatedly.

Several users agreed that enemy animations being able to stall a timed fight is unpleasant, with one user specifically mentioning the Rifthound enemies found on Tsurumi Island. Another user noted that most wolf-like enemies can pull off something similar, implying that there's something up with a whole category of animations.

A second problem raised in the comments is the Traveler having to retrain themselves to fight every time they get a new element, including re-learning normal attacks. This might be understandable if the Traveler was switching weapons, but a third user points out that their Traveler has had to re-learn how to use the Prototype Rancour twice as of writing.

A fourth user reported that having a ton of cutscenes sitting in the device's memory, unable to be replayed, is very difficult for mobile players. Several more began complaining about the way Genshin Impact shields work – or, often, don't work. One user specifically complained that enemy shields often work on completely different rules from playable characters' shields. Another user declared that the addition of Dendro shields would be nice. Another group of users raised the issue of fall damage, which doesn't seem to affect enemies much but can easily kill the player.

Genshin Impact is available now for PS4, PS5, PC, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS.

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