How To Defeat The Rifthound Enemies

In Genshin Impact's latest update, "Into the Perilous Labyrinth of Fog", the new area "Tsurumi Island" is home to the Rifthound, a creature from the abysss that corrodes what it touches, even the boundaries of the world. These dangerous new foes pounce out of the fog, often in packs of two or three, and there are several useful tactics to aid players in facing them.

Players looking to face Genshin Impact's latest enemy type will first need to find their way to Tsurumi Island. They can be found all over the island, but there are large numbers of them found around the Autake Plains. They come in two varieties: Rockfond Rifthounds and Thundercraven Rifthounds. Rockfond Rifthounds are associated with the Geo Element, while Thundercraven Rifthounds are associated with the Electro Element. Rifthounds also come in two sizes: Regular Rifthounds and smaller Rifthound Whelps which have less health.

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Rifthounds attack quickly with their claws, inflicting damage of their element along with the corrosion status effect. This status effect can be dangerous since it applies to the whole party when inflicted and deals damage over time. The best way to mitigate the corrosion status effect is to field a character with good healing skills like Barbara, Qiqi, Bennet, Noelle, or Kokomi. It can also be avoided entirely by taking advantage of the freeze elemental reaction or the petrification status effect to ensure that the Rifthound can't inflict corrosion in the first place Unfortunately, shields do not prevent corrosion from being inflicted.

Rifthounds are initially resistant to their own element, but hitting them with their own element will build up a meter (displayed as a ring above the creature's head). When the meter fills entirely the Rifthound enters the Devourer state, reducing their resistance to their element but making them attack much more fiercely. This can be leveraged to deal high damage to them with Geo and Electro attacks respectively.

Players willing to take the risk can use the Rifthounds own element to deal a ton of damage quickly and efficiently at the cost of potentially taking more damage if the Rifthound lands a combo. For a less dangerous approach, bringing cryo and hydro characters and locking them down with freeze reactions can make Rifthounds much less of a threat. Players with access to Zhongli could also make use of his elemental burst to petrify the Rifthounds for the same effect while dealing Geo damage that can trigger devourer on Rockfond Rifthounds.

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Genshin Impact is available now for PS4, PS5, PC, Nintendo Switch, Android, and IOS.

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