Genshin Impact Leak Reveals Yaoyao In-game Model

Unique character design is one of the main assets of Genshin Impact, allowing the game to take the industry by storm. It does not come as a surprise that the arrival of a new character creates tons of hype in the game's community.

Leaks and rumors are very common in the world of Genshin Impact, and they usually predict which characters may arrive sooner or later. One of those characters is Yaoyao who is speculated to be the first Dendro character in the game.

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A beta leak that was posted over a year ago featured eight new character models that would appear in the game in the foreseeable future. Seven out of those characters have joined the playable roster, with Shenhe and Yun Jin being the two most recently announced. Yaoyao is the only character yet to be announced or released, probably because she is expected to be a Dendro character. A recent leak by a credible Genshin Impact leaker named Lumie has revealed the in-game model for Yaoyao. Apparently, this leak is from the first beta.

Dendro is the only element in the game that is not used by any playable character at the moment. Yaoyao is expected to be released alongside another Dendro character named Baizhu. Unlike Yaoyao, Baizhu has made a couple of appearances in the game's story quests. Both of these characters are expected to be released with Chasm, a brand new Genshin Impact region. The region is already featured in the in-game map, positioned southwest of Liyue. Previous rumors indicated that the region would launch soon, but it seems miHoYo has decided to delay it.

Recent beta leaks for update 2.4 have pretty much revealed the majority of the content players will face in the next update. Besides the two new playable characters, rumors are hinting at the release of a new region named Enkanomiya. A post on the Genshin Impact Leaks subreddit has revealed that the region will work similarly to the limited Archipelago region players had the chance to explore in update 1.6. The unique travel system brought by this update could be used again in Enkanomiya which would make sense since, in order to travel to Inazuma, players need to set sail.

Genshin Impact is available now on Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, and a Nintendo Switch version in development.

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