God of War: How to Use Enchantments

Adding an RPG element to the action-heavy God of War allows players to customize Kratos and his gear to a playstyle that fits them. For all the wonderful things God of War does, enchantments can be an overlooked, but vital part of surviving the more intense encounters in the game.

Enchantments are gems that can be socketed into Kratos' armor and will augment things like reduced damage, additional perk activations upon using a certain skill, or increased stats. High-level enchantment gems will not only provide stat increases but offer passive buffs like those listed previously. Enchantment gems come in 4 varieties: common, rare, legendary, and epic. To help differentiate and make sorting easier, they are also color-coded as green, blue, purple, and gold respectively.

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Where to Find Enchantment Gems in God of War

Enchantment gems can be acquired from several places. Most commonly, they can be found in chests or as drops from slain enemies. However, they can also be purchased from Brok or Sindri. For those that have resources to burn, Enchanted Dust and Hacksilver can be exchanged with either of the dwarves for enchantments.

How to Equip Enchantments

Once a player has obtained some enchantments, the next step is equipping them. Only God of War armor can be socketed with enchantments, but most armor will have enchantment slots. The more powerful and rare a piece of armor is, the more enchantment slots it will have, up to a total of 3 per piece.

For those upgrading armor along the way, there are certain armor pieces that will gain slots as they are upgraded. To equip an enchantment, players will press the Options button and go to the Armor tab. From there, select one of the armor pieces and press the Square button to go to sockets, and select an enchantment from the inventory. Players can also remove enchantments to use on different armor pieces or swap them to experiment with builds at no additional cost.

God of War was initially released as a PlayStation exclusive in 2018. Its story picks up some time after Kratos' left his homeland following his slaughter of the Greek pantheon. After the passing of his wife, Kratos and his son Atreus must go on a journey to spread the ashes of their loved one in her home realm. It was well-received by fans and critics alike for its emotional story, gorgeous visuals, stunning soundtrack, and compelling gameplay.

God of War is available now on PS4 and PS5, and releases on PC January 14, 2022.

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