God of War PC Release Time

God of War launched for the PS4 in 2018 and was an immediate success, earning many Game of the Year wins, and almost universal praise from players. It received a free PS5 patch in February 2021 that added 60FPS and 4K Checkerboard Resolution.

Now, God of War is releasing on PC, and fans are getting excited all over again to revisit the modern classic with enhanced visuals, performance, and accessibility options. Eager players can use this guide to find out what time the PC port of God of War releases in their time zone.

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God of War PC Release Time

The release time of God of War on PC is 8 AM PST and 11 AM EST on January 14, 2022. As the port has a global release time, fans only need to convert these North American numbers into their own local time zone to see when it releases.

The God of War PC release times in most major time zones are:

Some times are more convenient than others for players to finally get their hands on the PC port of God of War, but at least this release method means nobody will be left waiting as others take control of Kratos on PC.

These times were provided by the official Santa Monica Studio Twitter account, but it's worth noting that the Steam release time is currently counting down to a release of 9 AM PST. This might be an error, but it's worth keeping in mind if players can't seem to play at the official release time.

God of War PC Specs and File Size

The minimum PC System requirements for God of War are:

Players will also need a minimum of 34.6GB to download the port, but this does not include the size of any Day One Patch. With so many rave reviews for God of War on PC, fans are understandably excited to play the moment it releases. So, it's recommended to preload the action title on Steam before its official PC release time.

Unfortunately, The Epic Games Store does not allow fans to preload the port before release. This could be frustrating for users of the storefront, but with other benefits like the Epic Games Store free game on January 20, the digital marketplace still stands out from its competitors.

God of War is out now for PS4, and will release on January 14, 2022 for PC.

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