Every New Agency Property In The Contract & How Much They Cost

Grand Theft Auto Online's latest update, The Contract, introduces a brand new business for players to run. A Celebrity Solution Agency, or simply an Agency, allows players to conduct missions known as Security Contracts. Such assignments reward players with additional jobs and even discounts on select vehicles. In addition, Agencies grants players access to numerous services such as an Armory, Vehicle Workshop, and other beneficial resources. Overall, this new Grand Theft Auto Online business is a worthwhile expansion to any criminal empire.

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Before one can reap the benefits of The Contract's new business, they must first acquire an Agency. There are several of these establishments available on Dynasty 8 Executive located at Little Seoul, Vespucci Canals, Rockford Hills, and Hawick. Each Agency resides near the business district of Los Santos, offering advantageous positions for all sorts of dealings. Every location is relatively similar; thus, much of a player's decision will rely on an Agency's price. Another factor to consider is the location of other businesses that they own. Players should carefully consider such aspects before deciding on an Agency.

Agency Customization Options

In addition to the Agency itself, players can purchase extra customization options. These additional features vary from practical services to cosmetic alterations. Such modifications cost a considerable sum, but they are worth the price — for those flush with cash, at least. These Agency modifications include:

Players seeking to max out their Agency can expect to spend anywhere from $4,287,500 to $5,507,500, depending on the location. So, they must amass a considerable amount of cash beforehand. Players with a tight budget should avoid any customization until they can get the funds together.

Little Seoul

"This grade-A office comes with the delightful addition of Little Seoul ambience, a soothing mix of nightlife, gang crime, and the howling curbside breakdowns of lonely businessmen." — Dynasty 8 Executive

Players can purchase the Little Seoul Agency for $2,010,000. This establishment is the cheapest one available on Dynasty 8 Executive, making it the most cost-effective option.

The Little Seoul Agency's location is within a reasonable distance to other player properties. Most businesses in this area are minutes away, allowing players to save considerable time and effort. This makes the Little Seoul Agency the best option for players strapped for cash.

Vespucci Canals

"Want to add some European glamor to your agency? It's never been easier with these two simple steps: 1) Pick a spot in Vespucci Canals. 2) Start day drinking. Eccolo!" — Dynasty 8 Executive

Players can purchase the Vespucci Canals Agency for $2,145,000. This establishment costs more than the Little Seoul location, but it provides some additional advantages. The Vespucci Canals Agency resides nearby other prominent player properties, such as the Maze Bank West Office. Thus, significantly reducing the time and effort required to travel between businesses

Although this benefit seems lackluster, it is well worth the cost. Overall, the Vespucci Canals Agency is a good option for those wanting a bit more than Little Seoul has to offer.

Rockford Hills

"For many, the bad part about Rockford Hills is its population of wealthy celebrities endlessly complaining about their problems. For you, the good part about Rockford Hills is its population of wealthy celebrities endlessly complaining about their problems." — Dynasty 8 Executive

The Rockford Hills Agency will cost the player $2,415,000. This establishment is on the pricier side, but it is not without its benefits. The location is close to other important player properties, such as the Maze Bank West Office.

While reducing the amount of time and effort needed to travel, this location is almost no different than Vespucci Canals — minus the exorbitant price. Generally speaking, the Rockford Hills Agency is not worth the price. Instead, players should purchase either the Little Seoul or Vespucci Hills location.


"This luxurious office space in Galileo House offers splendid views of shameless commercialism at its finest. You know you've made it when you're side-by-side with Queefstat." — Dynasty 8 Executive

The Hawick Agency costs $2,830,000 to purchase. It's considerable cost, making it the most extravagant option. Its advantage comes with location, as it's centered among various other player properties.

If the player owns numerous businesses in this area, this establishment will be exceedingly beneficial. Otherwise, this high-end building is not worth the grand cost. The Hawick Agency may be the best option for some players, but not the majority.

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