Best Tips To Rank Up In Halo Infinite's Arena

Halo has always been one of the top games on the competitive scene. Halo Infinite is no different. Millions of players are grinding the ranks to reach Onyx in the Ranked Arena. Getting to the top level will not be easy, and even skilled gamers will need patience and perseverance to make it into the top percentile of the player base.

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This article will include a few things people can do to improve their chances of climbing Halo Infinite's arena ranks to the top. Teamwork, communication, and strategy play a huge role in these matches, especially in objective-based game types.

Control The Power Weapons And Items

Teams that get the majority of the power weapons and item spawns nearly always win the match. This becomes even more important higher in the ranks. Every power weapon should net at least a couple of kills before the user is taken out.

For example, when playing strongholds on Recharge, the Sword and Hammer have a huge impact. Players with one of those weapons can hold down a point on their own. At A or C, opposing players will be easy targets as they try to capture the points. Another prime example is the Rocket Launcher on Streets and Bazaar. Spartans need to try their best to win the weapon battle to start the game and pay attention to the timer.

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It goes without saying that the Overshield and Active Camouflage provide incredible benefits for a team. Just like the power weapons, teams need to prioritize picking them up when they are in play. Overshields give the user two times the base shield and Active Camouflage makes the spartan essentially invisible. Unlike prior games, this Active Camo is nearly impossible to see.

Communicate And Coordinate

Having all four players on the mic is almost a necessity. Calling out where the enemies are and when a target is weak will give gamers more direction in the middle of the match. Not everyone has a squad of people to play with, but just having another person in the discord or party will make a difference. If there are people communicating, create a strategy for the match. Apart from Slayer, every mode has a particular objective.

For example, in Oddball someone needs to be a carrier. The carrier should not be the person with the best aim and skill. In Strongholds, teams need to push objectives together and rotate to the next point. Conveying those rotations and pushes will give users more support in each fight. If the whole team dies, wait for everyone to respawn before pushing in.

Vehicles Are Overpowered

This tip primarily applies to Behemoth and Launch Site. Both of those maps have several vehicles, each of which can take over a match. Surprisingly, the Ghost is one of the strongest vehicles in Halo Infinite. Without a shock weapon or power weapon, the only way to disable a vehicle is with a shock or sticky grenade.

Unlike prior games in the series, the Ghost in Infinite covers the head of the spartan when it is facing directly toward another player. These vehicles spawn by the snipers' towers on Behemoth and at the attacking side of Launch Site. If an opposing team has a vehicle, find one of the weapons or items that disable them.

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Go Out with A Bang

Even the top-tier Halo players lose gunfights. Whether it is a 2V1 or just bad aim, it happens to everyone. If the fight is going south, always try to sneak a grenade in at the last second. It is incredible how many kills in a match result from this simple tactic.

The grenade will either result in a kill or remove the opponent's shields, opening them up for a teammate. The Ranked Arena is about teamwork. Sometimes getting 15 assists is better than having 25 kills if it means the team comes out on top.

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In close-quarters engagements, try to get the quick shot and melee for a kill. Even if it does not work, at least the enemy is weak. The same principle applies to using the Rocket Launcher or Cindershot. Trading a kill with these weapons is a judgment call that all players will have to make. Getting the trade is more favorable than risking handing over the power weapon.

Sight Lines And Pre-Nades

Like any competitive shooter, the sight lines in Halo Infinite allow users to make an impact without getting kills. On maps like Behemoth, shooting every target that appears will put squadmates in advantageous gunfights. Just one headshot tilts the odds in a 1V1 fight. Learning the sight lines on the maps will help teams keep pressure on the opposition, limiting their movement.

Once someone has a feel for the common areas of the maps and where enemies typically rotate from, they can use grenades before opponents appear to collect free kills. Those that pre-nade often should learn the grenade spawns on each map to make sure they always have one in reserve. Using this technique is very effective in Oddball and Strongholds. People can anticipate movement or grenade campers out of an area.

Grenade Placement And Creativity

As many reading this probably know, grenades are sometimes more important than aim. Just one well-placed grenade gives a player a three-shot advantage with the BR. To truly become a great player, learning how to utilize and bounce grenades is essential.

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These are just some examples, but they are great ways to bait or catch an enemy off guard. Another thing to consider is swapping to Plasma or Spike grenades in certain situations. Those grenades stop wherever they are thrown. They are better than frag grenades when being chased around a corner. The alternative grenades can take out vehicles too. Shock grenades are great in any situation because they strip shields almost instantly and they disable vehicles.

Learn To Use Equipment

Each of the new equipment items has beneficial uses.

Utilize Wall Weapons And Learn The Spawns

Many of the non power weapons on each map are worth picking up. For one, players do not start ranked games with a secondary. Each of the new weapons introduced by 343 has unique attributes, and each excels in certain situations. Below are some examples.

Wall weapon spawns rotate every match. Each spot on the map has the chance to spawn one of two, or sometimes even three different weapons. By learning the spawns and what weapons can appear in each spot, people will begin to capitalize on the benefits of alternative weapons in matches.

Playing a custom game on each map or just staying aware of the spawn locations will help prepare users for ranked play. Compared to the guns mentioned above, the Battle Rifle does not fair well in a multitude of scenarios.

Halo Infinite releases on December 8 for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC. Halo Infinite's multiplayer beta is currently available on these platforms and is free-to-play.

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