5 Indie Games to Play After Beating Days Gone on PC

With Sony releasing more of its first-party content on PC, zombie survival game Days Gone has finally come to the platform. The player is thrown into the worn-out shoes of Deacon St. John in post-apocalyptic Oregon, as he tries to find his wife two years after a zombie outbreak known as the "Freaker Virus" has decimated the world.

It won't be long before fans start beating Days Gone on PC, and many will find themselves hungry for more. Here are five indie games zombie and survival fans can sink their teeth into if Days Gone doesn't quite satiate their appetite.

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7 Days To Die

7 Days to Die by The Fun Pimps sees players fighting irradiated zombies in Navezgane County, Arizona following the Third World War. Much like the Freakers of Days Gone, 7 Days to Die's zombies are largely nocturnal. At night, they turn from lumbering sleepwalkers to freakishly fast mutants, and as in Days Gone, the zombie plague isn't limited to just humans.

Players must race against the clock to build their defenses in this open-world, voxel-based game before seven days are up. At the end of every week, all of the region's zombies — humans and animal — will swarm the player's location. With multiplayer and randomly generated worlds, this is one of the best zombie survival games on the market.

Death Road to Canada

What if Oregon has already been utterly overrun with the infected? What if the entire United States has already collapsed in the face of the zombie apocalypse? Randomly-generated RPG Death Road to Canada takes inspiration from The Oregon Trail, and sees the pixelated player character and their crew heading north of the border. Players spend their hours battling their way through the undead as part of a highly customizable party. Death Road to Canada has two-player co-op, fantastic replay value, and a great, goofy sense of humor.

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Project Zomboid

For the nihilists, Project Zomboid has players fighting back wave after wave of the walking dead, whilst also fighting off hunger, fatigue, and slipping sanity until, they eventually die. Although two stolen laptops set the game's development back significantly, the available build is still a fun and good-looking survival game that leaves no room for mistakes. The title plays like a slow-paced strategy game right up until the zombies start swarming, rewarding a cool head in the face of the end times.

The Forest

The zombie apocalypse isn't just about survival. Just as Days Gone sees Deacon searching for his wife, The Forest sees a man named Eric LeBlanc searching for his son after a plane crash separates them in a forest filled with mutant cannibals and mysterious figures.

Fans familiar with horror movies like Cannibal Holocaust will see the inspirations right away. For fans who really enjoy The Forest, a sequel titled Sons of the Forest is also in development.

Deadlight: Director's Cut

Monster stories and the Pacific Northwest go together like puzzles and platformers. Deadlight: Director's Cut has all of the above as park ranger Randall Wayne fights his way through a post-apocalyptic Seattle looking for his family. Players will find themselves hiding in shadows as they traverse tight corridors and crumbling buildings, hiding in the shadows and fighting off zombies with an axe and what little ammunition they might be able to find.

Just like Days Gone, Deadlight also slowly begins to reveal that the cause of its zombie outbreak may not be all that it seems. Deadlight almost feels like a mix between Days Gone and Limbo, and shows just how tense a side-scrolling platformer can be.

Days Gone is available on PS4, PS5, and PC.

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