Entertaining The Last of Us 2 Video Shows Player Countering Workbench Ambush

In survival horror titles like The Last of Us 2, finding a workbench can often feel like a breath of fresh air since these areas often signify a moment to relax and work on maintaining equipment. However, some moments along The Last of Us 2's campaign have a tendency to take that feeling of safety and subvert the expectation by surprising players with an ambush.

One player going by the username wolf_of_thorns online has shared a video of them preparing for one of these ambushes and turning the tables on the enemies in spectacular fashion. It makes for an interesting strategy that may not work on an initial playthrough of The Last of Us 2, but is certainly available to anyone going for a second or third run on the game.

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In the video, the player can be seen at first placing down a few trap mines in the hallway leading up to the workbench where the ambush would eventually take place. However, the video quickly turns as the player then places a new trap mine down every foot or two, completely filling the entire hallway with explosives primed to fire when someone walks in. This then blows the group of WLF soldiers chasing the player apart, leading to what might be the most brutal thing The Last of Us 2 protagonist Ellie has pulled off to date.

Pulling off this ambush counter did require the player to use significantly more materials and plant more trap mines than would normally be available in a standard playthough of the game. This isn't done by abusing The Last of Us 2's glitches, but instead utilizes the infinite ammo and materials cheats that players can unlock after beating the game normally one time. It's one of many ways that players are allowed to break the game after beating the campaign once and can make for entertaining setups like in this video.

While the video itself is a hilarious showing of taking the in-game cheats to a new level, it only scratches the surface of what players can do with the postgame. For the moment, experiments like this should hopefully continue to keep players satisfied until The Last of Us 2's multiplayer finally launches. This type of ambush counter might be fun for others to take into their own game as well, or possibly even improve on by including even more traps or ways to take out the soldiers as they show up.

The Last of Us 2 is available now for PS4.

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