Artist Draws Zelda Symbols Using Electronic Piano

With games and remakes spanning more than 30 years, The Legend of Zelda franchise has been around for a long time. Over those years, the series has become extremely popular, with many gamers growing up playing it. Recently, one fan decided to pay homage to the classic franchise in a uniquely musical way.

In a video posted on YouTube, a musician known as GLASYS shared an unusual piece of music he composed. What made it intriguing was that the composer used an electric piano and MIDI software to spell the word “Zelda” on a laptop. In addition, he was able to create the iconic Triforce symbol. In order to make this MIDI artwork, he pressed a key on the piano. This not only caused a pitch to sound, but it also made a corresponding note appear on their laptop. He continued this process throughout the short tune to create this impressive art that could be appreciated through sight and sound.

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In addition to showcasing the unique song based on the Zelda series in the YouTube video, GLASYS gave some background on composing the piece. According to the composer, the process of coming up with a pleasant-sounding song that also drew the Triforce symbol and spelled the word “Zelda” was a unique challenge. For example, the main part of the music needed to be playable with only 2 hands, as GLASYS recorded the MIDI art live. However, he noted that several accompanying instruments were added later, such as percussion. This was done to help make the song sound “Zelda-ish.”

This MIDI artwork created by GLASYS caught the attention of many fans of The Legend of Zelda series on YouTube. At the time of writing, this video has accumulated over 170,000 views and 14K likes. While the melody was not from a previous Zelda game, numerous fans believed it sounded like it belonged in the series. In addition, some thought that the start of the song was reminiscent of the tune used when Link opens a chest.

For those interested in listening to more music from GLASYS, he has a YouTube channel featuring many video game covers. In addition, he has composed MIDI artwork from Among Us, Super Mario Bros., Pokemon, and the Metroid series. In each of these instances, he attempted to make the song accompanying the artwork feel like the music found in the games.

It’s impressive to see gamers showcase their love for The Legend of Zelda series in unique ways. Besides this MIDI artwork composed by GLASYS, another person recently received an incredible tattoo of Skull Kid from Majora’s Mask. As fans continue to wait for more news about Breath of the Wild 2, it will be interesting to see what other creations talented fans share with the Zelda community in the comings days.

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