Logan Paul Wears $150,000 Pokemon Card On Gold Chain for Mayweather Fight

While Logan Paul lived out his dreams walking to the ring to fight Floyd Mayweather, he wore the dream of all Pokemon fans around his neck. While boxers are no stranger to gaudy outfits for their ring walks, a Charizard Pokemon card stands out as one of the most memorable pieces of jewelry yet.

Not just any Charizard card though; this particular card was graded by PSA at a perfect score of 10 and is the first edition, shadowless, holo version of the card, which often can fetch prices of well over $100,000 on sites like eBay. Charizard has always been a popular card, but the price of the card with these particular characteristics has skyrocketed in recent years as Pokemon itself has steadily increased in popularity.

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The card in question is one that Paul paid $150,000 for in a YouTube video. Of course, Paul himself is a major Pokemon fan, often shooting videos of booster box openings, including an upload where he pulled two Charizard cards in one sitting. While even pristine cards are not guaranteed to be rated a 10, a high-quality Charizard card can go for thousands at lower ratings like an 8 or a 9. To complete his flex on Pokemon fans, Paul attached the PSA 10 Charizard card to a gold necklace during his ring walk.

This year has seen Pokemon cards hit their peak of popularity, selling over 3.5 billion cards this year, for a total of almost 35 billion cards sold since its inception as a card game. At first glance, Paul's necklace seems out of place during a boxing PPV event, but it doubles as a subtle nod to his YouTuber roots, and a tribute to his loyal fans.  It also stands as a remarkably honest adornment for Paul, a YouTuber-turned-boxer, to wear. Instead of shying away from his entertainment roots, he put them on full display.

If the $150,000 price tag raises any eyebrows, it shouldn't. Just recently, an Among Us impostor-shaped nugget sold for nearly the same amount, and with Pokemon cards being constantly bought up and resold for insane prices, the most coveted card within the series is always going to fetch a pretty penny. With all of the eyes of the world on the fight against Floyd Mayweather, the PSA 10 Charizard card likely just became even more valuable, as it sat center stage—albeit briefly—during Paul's ring walk, and will likely draw even more attention to the hobby of collecting Pokemon cards.

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