Logan Paul Buys Rare Charizard Pokemon Card for $150,000

Logan Paul's Charizard is back in the news after he wore it as part of a chain during his fight with Floyd Mayweather. The full story about the Charizard and its value is below the image.

There are many Pokemon cards out in the world that are worth more than the initial packs they came in. One of these cards is the PSA-graded 10 Charizard card from the initial run of the Pokemon trading card game. The higher the grade, the more it is in mint condition.

This card has been known for being one of the rarest Pokemon cards out there in the world with only 100 of them being known to exist. Infamous YouTuber Logan Paul has recently purchased one of these cards for $150,000 USD from a private collector for his very own collection.

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Logan Paul is no stranger to Pokemon card collecting. He recently talked about how his dog almost ate his rare PSA 9 Charizard card during his podcast. While the card is still in his possession, it had lost value from the incident.

The collector that Logan Paul purchased the new card from was Gary the "Pokemon King," known for his appearance on the hit American reality TV show, Pawn Stars. During his appearance on the show, Gary revealed his collection of rare Charizard cards and offered to sell them. He however did not get a sale and moved on elsewhere. He did however eventually reveal that he had no real plans of selling the cards and went on the show for "clout".

In order to buy one of the cards, Logan Paul flew out to Gary in Las Vegas. He initially intended on purchasing one of the Beckett BGS-graded 10 Charizard cards of which there are only two known in existence. Both of them are in the possession of Gary himself. However, Logan Paul was unable to make the original purchase due to how much Gary valued the cards on a personal level.

Instead of his original plan, Logan Paul instead purchased on of Gary's PSA 10 1st Edition Charizard cards with a briefcase containing $150,000 USD in cash. This card finished off the last card Jake Paul needed for his planned personal collection, making both the seller and buyer satisfied with the purchase. Gary was still saddened by giving up one of his cards, but he is still in possession of six more copies of the PSA 1st Edition Charizard card.

This price for a single Pokemon card is not unheard of as rapper Logic recently won an auction for one of these Charizard cards with a final bid of $183,000 USD. It was also PSA-graded 10, making it extremely valuable.

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Source: Dexerto

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