Mass Effect 1: Kaidan Romance Guide

Kaidan Alenko is one of three romance options available in Mass Effect 1, but can only be courted by a female Shepard. He is also a romance option in Mass Effect 3, where those playing as a male Shepard can also start a relationship with him. Beginning a relationship with Kaidan in the first game can lead to a complete arc with him in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition.

How to Romance Kaidan in Mass Effect 1

Those playing as a female Shepard in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition will have Kaidan pull them from the Prothean beacon on Eden Prime. Choosing Paragon options toward Kaidan in the conversation between them and Doctor Chakwas will get romancing Kaidan off to a good start.

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After locating Liara in Mass Effect 1, or completing Feros or Noveria, players can talk to Kaidan opposite the Med Bay and ask him about his past. Respond with "No, just you" when he asks if Shepard makes a habit of getting this personal with everyone. Don't worry if any of the other options were picked, they won't lock out the relationship.

Once players have completed another main mission, they can have a long conversation with Kaidan again. He may comment on the Commander's interest in romancing Liara in Mass Effect, and Shephard should either deny this or ask Kaidan what he really wants to talk about. Near the end of the conversation about cutting corners, Kaidan will imply Shephard is special to him. Respond with "Special?" and "You're not" to continue romancing Kaidan.

After completing Feros, Noveria, and recruiting Liara, Shepard will be confronted by Kaidan and Liara if players have tried to romance them both. They will force Shepard to choose between them, so make sure to choose Kaidan.

Once the confrontation has been dealt with, or after talking with the council if players have not been romancing two companions, talk with Kaidan again, who will open up further about his past. When questioned before or after Virmire again, he will comment on their budding relationship. Renegade choices in Mass Effect with Kaidan don't seem to affect romancing him, but players should choose neutral and Paragon options when talking about starting a relationship to ensure they don't lock out his romance path.

It's essential to save Kaidan when choosing between Ashley and Kaidan on the Virmire mission, as the companion left behind will die. After Virmire is completed and players are grounded at the Citadel, Kaidan will appear in a cutscene with Shepard on the Normandy. Be as nice as possible to him, and the conversation will lead to the pair almost kissing.

How to Get Romance Scene With Kaidan

The conclusion to the romance with Kaidan occurs on the way to the final planet, Ilos. He will come to Shepard's quarters and initiate a romantic encounter. Choose the neutral or Paragon choices in Mass Effect to see this scene. Kaidan will now be locked in as Shepard's previous romance option while playing Mass Effect 2 and 3, and the Paramour Trophy/Achievement will unlock.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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