Mass Effect 1: Liara Location

After Shepard becomes a Spectre and leaves the Citadel, three main mission options are presented in the journal: Feros, Noveria, and Find Liara T'Soni. While players can tackle these main objectives in any order they wish, it is recommended to find Liara first to take advantage of her Biotic powers, or if players wish to romance her in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition.

Consulting the journal informs players to search for Liara in the Artemis Tau cluster, but this contains four star systems, and she could be located on a planet in any one of them. To speed up the search, players can use this guide to find Liara's location in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, and some tips for tackling the mission.

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Liara Location in Mass Effect 1

To find Liara's location in Mass Effect 1, select the Artemis Tau cluster, then navigate to the Knossos star system in the top right-hand corner. In Knossos, select Therum. Reading the description clarifies that Prothean ruins are present on its surface, which Anderson told Shepard to look out for when searching for Liara in Mass Effect. Select a squad and land on Therum to start the search for Liara.

Finding Liara on Therum

Players who aren't a big fan of the Mako will be disappointed to learn that a large portion of Therum must be covered in the notoriously hard-to-handle vehicle. The controls have been updated for the remastered trilogy, but fans of the classic Mako can use the old controls in Legendary Edition if they prefer.

Keep following the path forward and taking out the Geth in Mass Effect when they pop up. Players will eventually have to get out of the Mako when a large gate impedes their progress to flip the control switches in the nearby buildings. There are Geth in here, too, so be careful when exploring.

There will come a point where players can no longer drive the Mako and must walk on foot the rest of the way to find Liara. Be careful after taking out the Geth in this area, as there is a mini-boss encounter with a Geth Armature, Shock Troopers, and Stalkers up the hill from this encounter. It's recommended to use biotic and tech powers in Mass Effect to try and take out the Stalkers first, as they can attack from all angles.

Once the mini-boss encounter has been dealt with, go inside the nearby mining facility entrance to look for Liara inside. Head down the two elevators to finally locate Liara, who is stuck in a containment field. Just be careful of the Geth troopers found before and after discovering Liara.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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