Morgana's 10 Best Quotes In Persona 5

The Persona series has quickly evolved from one of the many underappreciated Shin Megami Tensei spin-offs around into one of the greatest JRPG series of all time, standing on its own two feet as perhaps the most popular series that Atlus has under its belt at this time. Persona 5 is easily the most popular and successful title in the series, opening the doors for a whole new generation of gamers to experience the brilliance of this groundbreaking franchise firsthand.

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There are several reasons as to why Persona 5 was such a runaway success, with the main cast itself being a major draw for most gamers. The Phantom Thieves are easily some of the most likable characters of all time... even Morgana himself! While some fans might hate this cat for the restrictions he places on the protagonist most of the time, there's no denying that his character plays a major role in the events of Persona 5.

The following ten quotes spoken by Morgana in the game personify why he's such a beloved character.

10 "But Rather Than Becoming Some Weird Thing, Maybe Staying As A Cat Isn't So Bad Either..."

Morgana's Confidant ends up progressing automatically over the course of the game, which helps tie in his character development to the events of the game seamlessly.

Throughout the entire game, Morgana is always insistent about the fact that he's a human who's in the body of a cat. However, this line is one of the few times when he casts doubts on his own assumption, which is rather telling about his conflicted mindset at this point.

9 "Zorro! Show Your Might!"

While Morgana's Persona does end up changing over the course of the game — with another change occurring in the Royal Edition — his first Persona, Zorro, will always be the most notable one of the lot.

Whenever Morgana ended up attacking an enemy's weakness, hearing him brag about Zorro using this dialogue time and time again never overstayed its welcome in the slightest.

Initially, Morgana ends up being somewhat of an unlikable character. It's clear that he was using the Phantom Thieves in order to achieve his own goal and didn't really care about actually changing the hearts of people — instead, he was only doing this in order to come closer to the truth he wanted to discover.

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However, over time, Morgana warms up to the company of the Phantom Thieves and ends up forming a strong bond with Joker — something that he acknowledges with this particular line of dialogue.

7 "Hey, That's A Rare One! Don't Let It Escape!"

Treasure Demons are a new inclusion in Persona 5, serving as an upgrade over the Wealth Hands that used to appear in prior games.

Hearing Morgana say this line every single time the party gets lucky enough to encounter one of these Demons is incredibly satisfying and indicates a sense of emergency that the player would ideally reciprocate by either targeting the Treasure Demon's weak spot or utilizing the strongest moves in the party's arsenal to take it down as soon as possible.

6 "I Was Way Too Worried About Who I Am, And How I Don't Compare To The Other Members Of Our Group. Turns Out I Just Don't Have Any Guts, Huh?"

After having a tiff with the group, Morgana ends up realizing the error of his ways and rejoins the Phantom Thieves. After reflecting on this particular episode, Joker — and the player — end up getting a rather telling look into Morgana's side of things.

The fact that he directly addresses his self-doubt and talks about how he doesn't have any guts to face situations head-on is something that most people can relate to. Imposter Syndrome has become prevalent, and it's refreshing to see Persona 5 tackle this problem as well in its own unique manner,

5 "In This World, There Are Tons Of Things That Money And Fame Can't Buy! What Point Would There Be In Only Saving Myself!?"

After Okumura tries to goad Morgana into going against the Phantom Thieves, Mona ends up standing up for himself and his friends in the most refreshing manner.

He talks candidly about how money and fame might be important, but they still don't come anywhere close to what truly matters — friendships and forming unbreakable bonds that will always stand the test of time.

4 "If You've Decided To Take The World From Him, Don't Compromise Your Ideals To The Very End!"

The final confrontation against Yaldabaoth — well, final in the base game, at least — ends up being a rather enthralling moment, with all the members of the Phantom Thieves doing everything in their power to stop the Holy Grail from running amok with people's feelings and desires.

The biggest verbal punch comes from Morgana, who talks passionately about how humans should have the freedom to think for themselves and how the Phantom Thieves should also follow this rule. It's an extremely powerful line of dialogue... especially considering the fact that Morgana was aware of his existence disappearing after Yaldabaoth's defeat.

3 "I Don't Care What I Look Like Anymore! I'm Always Going To Be Myself!"

In Persona 5 Royal, Morgana ends up falling under Maruki's illusion, wrongfully believing himself to be a human when he's anything but. Thankfully, it doesn't take too long for him and the rest of the Phantom Thieves to come to their senses, and they finally end up aiding Joker in his quest to free the world of Maruki's influence.

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During the battle against Maruki, Morgana ends up letting out an impassionate outburst about being himself, which ends up just making him all the more endearing as a result.

2 "Don't Let Their Looks Deceive You! They're On A Whole Other Level!"

The fight against Caroline and Justine is one of the hardest battles in Persona 5, surpassed only by the Lavenza battle in the Royal Edition.

Upon encountering these enemies, Morgana is visibly rattled and talks about how the player should be on their toes — this battle isn't going to be a walk in the park in the slightest.

1 "Whoooaaa! Looking Cool, Joker!"

Perhaps the most famous line that Morgana utters time and time again happens whenever Joker lands a blow to an enemy's weakness.

As the Navigator, Morgana ends up praising Joker across the board, leading to a line that is beloved by the fanbase due to its amazing delivery and endless quotability.

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