10 Great Non-English Netflix Original Movies

Netflix originals have taken the world by storm. Dozens of Oscar and Emmy nominees and winners came from Netflix in the past few years, and this is just the beginning. Year by year, new Netflix originals are being released from limited series to movies, and fans are not disappointed by the results.

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While the most well-known Netflix original movies are American-made, some of the most beautiful original pictures are foreign movies released in their original language. These movies often offer insight into other cultures, new ways of thinking, and a fresh cinematic experience. So for those who want to get the feel of other cultures' filmmaking styles, these movies are worth watching.

10 Lost Bullet (France)

Lost Bullet ("Balle Perdue") is a French action/thriller movie, and since it's been released, it has received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from both critics and viewers alike. The movie brings back the style of Fast & Furious and The Transporter but surprises the audience at every turn.

Apart from being set in beautiful locations, the signature French filmmaking style shines through, making the movie a breath of fresh air for those who have had enough of Hollywood racing movies. A lot of action scenes and bits put a new spin on a well-known genre, and it uses a lot of "gags" that have never been seen before by the basic American audience. This alone makes it worth watching.

9 Ginny Weds Sunny (India)

Ginny Weds Sunny is a somewhat predictable, but overall enjoyable rom-com. Where the plot lacks, the actors pick up the slack and carry the film on their backs with their exceptional chemistry on screen. It's a great time passer, but might be outdated in its plot.

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The typical "Boy chases Girl until Girl decides to give in" plot is not received as well as it was a decade ago, and because of this, the movie doesn't receive much love. But other than this, it's an enjoyable rom-com for those lazy nights cuddled in when there's nothing else on.

8 The Platform (Spain)

When many people think of Spanish cinema, they probably picture passionate romance, drama, maybe even some action with little explosions here and there, finished off with a lot of shouting. For those who are looking for that side of Spanish cinema, prepare to be disappointed.

The Platform ("El Hoyo") is an allegory of current social structures. It's a very entertaining movie that makes the audience think about the state our world and society are in. It's an incredibly jarring and eye-opening movie, but has an airy quality to it, so it's not too overbearing.

7 Space Sweepers (South Korea)

Space Sweepers is a South Korean film about a team who snatch a space shuttle and find a 7-year-old girl inside. After realizing that she's actually a humanlike robot wanted by the Space Guards, they decide to demand a ransom in exchange for the girl.

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While the movie isn't particularly thought-provoking or groundbreaking, it's perfectly enjoyable and worth a watch. This is especially thanks to its exceptional visuals, which are surprising due to its low budget. People who enjoy flashy space adventures should watch it because, while there are tiny details that may be frustrating for the biggest fans of the genre, it's a fun movie.

6 Blood Red Sky (Germany-UK)

Blood Red Sky isn't just a very well-made horror flick, but a surprisingly solid modern vampire story that the world of cinema hasn't received in a hot minute. A mysteriously ill woman is on her way to solve her sickness when a group of terrorists hijack her plane and she's forced into action while her sickness reveals itself.

The logic behind the plot — especially regarding the terrorists' plan — was hazy at times, but overall, it's a decent horror movie. It is outstandingly gory, so it may not be everyone's cup of tea, but for those who don't mind all the blood, it should definitely go on the list.

5 I'm No Longer Here (Mexico)

I'm No Longer Here is a visual masterpiece. It's a movie done so well that people who watch it on Netflix wish they'd seen it on the big screen. The locations, the camera work, and everything in between were so masterfully done, that even when the plot is lacking, its visuals carry the movie. Furthermore, it has a very unique soundtrack that mixes genres in a way that is rarely heard.

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The entire film is an amazing experience and a beautiful slice of Mexican/Spanish cinema. Somewhat of a coming-of-age movie, I'm No Longer Here portrays the day-to-day life of a 17-year old. The feeling of wanting to stand out while wanting to belong, and the lingering dangers behind every lazy and seemingly idyllic scene bring people closer to what the characters are going through. It's relatable, it's fun, and it's overall a beautifully crafted film.

4 Paper Lives (Turkey)

A heartwarming drama, Paper Lives is a movie about a sick and poor man who decides to adopt an abandoned child. There aren't many Turkish films that stand out in a world ruled by Hollywood, but thankfully, this Netflix original shines a light on the amazing cinematic culture of Turkey.

The acting is incredible, and it keeps viewers on the edge of their seats the entire time. The setting and the making of the film are very different from what people are used to (especially those who grew up with mainly American cinema), and because of this, the entire movie seems fresh and very intriguing. Overall, it's an amazing movie that deserves more love and attention.

3 Roma (Mexico)

Roma gives people a slice of each and every character's life beautifully. It's a slow-paced "art movie" depicting Mexico City in the 1970s. The Oscar-winning movie offers insight into what it was like living in '70s Mexican society, especially as women and children.

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While some people don't like the pacing of the movie and find it boring, the storytelling of Roma is amazing. Most shots are long or wide and a lot of scenes are elongated. This emphasizes the dangers of society not only as a woman or child but for everyone in a country that lacks political safety and where riots are constant. The movie is jarringly realistic and will stay with the viewer for some time to come.

2 The Hand Of God (Italy)

This Italian coming-of-age drama is everything viewers hoped for. It's a beautifully intimate film, jarringly realistic and relatable, yet somehow magical, and yes, seductive in a way only an Italian movie can be. Director Paolo Sorrentino based the movie on his own life as he was growing up in Naples.

Because the movie is essentially a mosaic of faded memories, the storyline is cannot be the main focus of the film. Instead, the drama is told through the characters, just as in our own memories. It's not the setting that matters, it's the people, the emotions, and the feel of a situation. Sorrentino does an excellent job encapsulating these emotions in this beautiful, tender, passionate movie.

1 Rose Island (Italy)

Rose Island is the shocking yet true story of heartsick engineer Giorgio Rosa who exploited a loophole in the law and used it to build his very own island. Constructed outside of Italian jurisdiction, the island was essentially declared an independent state.

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Rose Island is a witty, humorous Italian flick, and its loose style might be the only thing holding it back, as most critics found it to be "empty" in meaning. And while there's truth in the statement — the movie didn't have a huge message, nor a declared moral of sorts — the film doesn't fail to accomplish what it was destined to be: a heartfelt tribute to a great engineer and a funny story that once reserved the attention of an entire nation.

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