Nobody Saves the World Reveals Online Multiplayer Mode, Coming to Xbox Game Pass on Day One

Drinkbox Studios announced its next game would be Nobody Saves the World in March, teasing a unique style of action RPG where players could swap between over a dozen forms. Fans of Guacamelee and Severed knew Drinkbox's consistent mix of creativity and experience meant Nobody Saves the World would be something special, but it seems that Drinkbox held back some surprises. Drinkbox had a couple of big announcements left to share during Wednesday's Gamescom Opening Night Live.

The first big announcement is that Nobody Saves the World isn't just a single-player action RPG. It's also a co-op multiplayer action RPG. When Nobody Saves the World arrives, it'll support two-player online co-op, allowing friends to play through the game each in different forms befitting their playstyle. Drinkbox explains that it'll be hop-in multiplayer, too, with players able to join others' campaigns and then return to their own game without losing progression.

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Co-op will be the exact same Nobody Saves the World experience as with single-player when it comes to progression through the game. However, co-op multiplayer also unlocks unique gameplay as two players can synergize their forms and abilities. Some examples provided include basic melee knights and ranged bow users synergy, doubling up on summoning abilities with forms that summon either zombies or animal familiars, or both turning into a horse and using the Kickback ability to lock an enemy in a neverending death loop.

The second big announcement for Nobody Saves the World is that Drinkbox's game will be coming to Xbox Game Pass when it launches. It'll be supported on both Xbox Game Pass for Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S as well as Xbox Game Pass for PC. There are currently no plans to launch Nobody Saves the World on PlayStation platforms, but it could happen down the line.

The last announcement, which was made indirectly, is that Nobody Saves the World has been delayed out of 2021. It was previously confirmed to launch later this year, but has now been delayed into early 2022, instead. That's not a particularly exciting announcement, but if Drinkbox needs more time then it needs more time.

This is the second big reveal for Nobody Saves the World, but there's still plenty left of the action RPG to show fans going forward. Expect Drinkbox to spend the months leading up to the release of Nobody Saves the World sharing more details about the game's forms and gameplay loop.

Nobody Saves the World releases early 2022 on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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