Nobody Saves the World Release Date Announced

Drinkbox Studios formed in 2008 and has been releasing one critically-acclaimed game after another ever since. 2018's Guacamelee 2 was the last game that the studio put out to rave reviews, and now, four years later, fans know exactly when they can play the celebrated developer's next release.

Nobody Saves the World is the next game from Drinkbox Studios and it is set to launch on Tuesday, January 18, which is just a couple of weeks away from the time of this writing. Whereas the Guacamelee games are Metroidvanias, Nobody Saves the World is a top-down action-RPG. The gameplay between the games is very different, but Nobody Saves the World does seem to share Guacamelee's sharp sense of humor and there are some simliarities between the art styles as well.

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Nobody Saves the World also has co-op, which is another similarity it shares with Guacamelee 2. But while Guacamelee 2 had local co-op, it appears as though Nobody Saves the World's co-op is online only. That may disappoint some fans, but at least they don't even have to buy the game to access it. As it turns out, Nobody Saves the World is a day one Xbox Game Pass game, which should make it much easier for fans to find someone to play online co-op with.

It should be noted that Nobody Saves the World is an Xbox console exclusive game, so those on PlayStation and Nintendo platforms will have to miss out for a little bit. The game will have native Xbox One and Xbox Series X versions come launch on January 18 along with a PC release, but there's no word on if there are plans to bring it to other consoles just yet. Drinkbox tends to release its games on as many platforms as possible, though, so one has to imagine that Nobody Saves the World coming to other systems is a matter of when instead of if. Anyone that wants to play the game at launch will have to do so through PC or on an Xbox console, however.

Nobody Saves the World is just the latest game confirmed to be coming to Xbox Game Pass on day one later in January. It was also recently announced that Rainbow Six Extraction will be a day one Xbox Game Pass game when it launches on January 20, and so there's quite a bit for subscribers to look forward to this month.

Nobody Saves the World launches January 18 for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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