Every Pirate Crew Part of The Straw Hat Grand Fleet

One Piece is a long-running shonen franchise that has captivated fans ever since 1997. Popular enough to have a crossover with Pokemon and having many video games under its name. Throughout the adventure, readers and anime watchers have been introduced to Monkey D. Luffy who dreams to become the Pirate King. Over time, he eventually garnered a variety of friends who became a part of his crew. Helping each other out through thick and thin. However, during the arc of Dressrosa, the Straw Hat Pirates eventually gained a large fleet of Pirate allies. Calling themselves the Straw Hat Grand Fleet.

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Here is every single Pirate Crew that is a part of the fleet. All of whom would likely be integral to the overall story.

7 Beautiful Pirates

The Beautiful Pirates are a crew led by the captain Cavendish. There are over 70 pirates that are a part of the crew, as they followed him due to the exile of their captain from their homeland. Although the overall bounties of the crew is currently unknown, Cavendish himself has a bounty of 330,000,000 Belis.

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Captain Cavendish is considered a super rookie who is known to be an exceptional swordsman. Easily holding his own against the gladiators in Dressrosa. However, he also has a secret condition where he transforms into his alter-ego. Hakuba. When he falls asleep, he goes into a trance where he becomes an even more dangerous swordsman.

6 Barto Club

The Barto Club is a pirate crew who were originally from the East Blue. Coincidentally it is the same part of the world where Luffy and some of the other Straw Hats are from. They are led by Bartolomeo who is a powerful pirate in his own right. Utilizing the Bari Bari No Me fruit which allows him to summon barriers around him. Similar to the Straw Hats before they got Nami as a navigator, the Barto Club is powerful yet lacks direction and can be a bit naive. Nonetheless, they are a powerful crew of over 50 members and they are huge fans of the Straw Hats. In particular Luffy who they named their ship after.

5 Happo Navy

The Happo Navy is a pirate crew that has a large legacy. With the captain being a role passed down by numerous generations, they were particularly powerful at the time. The former captain Chinjao once fought against Garp, Luffy's grandfather, who is considered the hero of the marines. Having a large crew of around 1000 members, what makes them stand apart is their devastating techniques. Known as the Hasshoken, it allows the users to emit vibrations in each of their strikes. Combining that with armament Haki offers a lot of power that can make them defeat plenty of opponents.

4 Ideo Pirates

The Ideo Pirates, formally known as the XXX Gym Martial Arts Alliance, is one of the smallest crews in the fleet. Only comprised of four members. Led by Captain Ideo, what they lack in numbers, they more than makeup for in powerful martial skill.

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Captain Ideo for example, is a powerful Boxer who was also a champion in the New World Central Fighting Tournament. Likewise, Blue Gilly was a martial artist who is known for his powerful kicks. Initially, they didn't have a ship of their own, sailing with the Yonta Maria Grand Fleet. However, over time they eventually got their own ship although the name is unknown.

3 Tontatta Pirates

The Tontatta Pirates are arguably one of the most important pirate crew of the grand fleet. Not because of their power, but due to their role in Dressrosa. As Doflamingo's reign had a deep impact on their society. Once the arc concluded, the armed forces of Tontatta formed into a pirate crew with many of the members being powerful despite their small size. With roughly 200 members in total, they make up the fifth ship in the entire Straw Hat Grand Fleet.

2 New Giant Warrior Pirates

Originally disbanded roughly a century ago, the revived Giant pirate crew is led by Hajrudin. Although they don't have that many members, being only five in total, all of the characters are giants. As a result, their strength and durability more than make up for the small numbers.

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Nonetheless, one of the more intriguing things about the New Giant Warrior Pirates is that they used to be a part of the Buggy's Delivery mercenary group. This helps to illustrate how much charisma someone like Luffy has with the rest of the fleets.

1 Yonta Maria Grand Fleet

Led by Orlumbus, the Yonta Maria Grand Fleet is a series of 56 pirate ships. Due to the numbers alone, the Yonta Maria Grand Fleet is the largest crew out of all of the pirates. That being said, the information regarding the strength of the crew seems to be fairly unknown. However, Orlumbus is powerful enough to contend with the rest of the gladiators during Dressrosa. The biggest strength that this pirate crew has is when all of the ships join together, they can create a massive bridge that stretches across. Allowing all the crew members to walk down to an island.

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