All The Overwatch 2 Hero Reworks Revealed So Far

The discussion around Overwatch 2 has certainly been interesting, as some players feel like the sequel is changing too little while others believe the adjustments are too drastic. Based on the switch to a 5v5 multiplayer format, though, players will likely see a lot more changes in the lead-up to release. After all, almost every character will need to be adjusted to fit this new approach.

Thus far, Blizzard has revealed numerous reworks for the Overwatch 2 hero roster. With these changes detailed across a period of several months, though, some fans may have forgotten about some of the reworks. As such, it could be useful to have them all in one place, and the various changes being brought together shows just how much differently the sequel will play.

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Reinhardt’s Rework

The very first rework Blizzard revealed to players was one for Reinhardt, and it sees the shield Tank being adjusted so that he is more fun to control. Blizzard is giving him a second Fire Strike so that he can be more active in team fights, letting players do a bit more than hold up their shields. Further, players can cancel their pin attempts mid-charge. This is a big deal, as gamers will be able to throw enemies off ledges much easier or correct their mistakes if they overextend.

Brigitte’s Rework

Fans of Brigitte will want to be aware that the Support hero is also being adjusted for the sequel. Her shield bash will be getting both a nerf and a buff, and it will be interesting to see how gamers react to the adjustment once they are playing Overwatch 2. The shield bash will go through shields once again, allowing Brigitte to do some damage to a well-protected Reinhardt. However, it will be more focused on dealing damage this time around, as the stun effect has been removed.

Mercy’s Rework

While it is worth noting that Mercy’s Overwatch 2 rework is currently just a leak, it is one that will likely prove to be accurate. The huge change will see the angelic healer’s iconic resurrect ability removed completely. In its place, a new ability called Angelic Blessing will see Mercy tossing souls to her teammates. They can then use the souls to fly directly back to Mercy, letting players dive into a fight, deal damage, and fly back to their healer instantly. While fans are divided on how good the ability will actually be, it is undeniably a big change.

Winston’s Rework

While some Overwatch 2 fans are hoping to see a more extensive rework for Winston, they are guaranteed to see one new ability for the hero. Winston will be getting a rail gun-like alternate fire, with the shot giving him an accurate long-range attack that he can use to shoot heroes like Pharah out of the sky. With the current version of Winston’s electricity-focused Tesla Cannon giving the character no range, this should be a welcome addition to the arsenal of the genetically engineered ape.

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Mei’s Rework

Mei users are a bit divided on the changes being made to the character, though those that dislike playing against her should be happy. In the sequel, Mei’s Endothermic Blaster will no longer freeze enemies in place. This should make her a lot less frustrating to fight, as control is not taken away from the player as they wait to die. Instead of this being a nerf, Mei will do a lot more damage with her primary fire, killing her foes more quickly but not freezing them entirely.

Sombra’s Rework

Sombra players should be pleased with the changes that are being made to the popular Talon hacker. Sombra will be able to see injured players through walls, and she will deal an absurd 50% extra damage to hacked enemies. Her EMP takes away 40% of every impacted enemy’s health, while her hacking no longer forcing her to break out of stealth. The hack cooldown is decreased, too, while its duration is increased. While health packs can be hacked quicker, they only stay hacked for half as long. As a whole, Sombra will receive a massive buff for the sequel.

Bastion’s Rework

The most extensive rework revealed for Overwatch 2 thus far comes in the form of Bastion. Bastion’s long-discussed rework sees the character essentially becoming completely different, which is exciting given how niche he has been and how low of a pick rate he has had. In the sequel, Bastion can finally move while in sentry mode, with his turret getting unlimited ammo. He will deal 40% less damage, though, so there is a trade-off. Bastion’s new Artillery configuration will replace his Tank form, allowing him to drop artillery strikes on three different areas with his Ultimate. Finally, in place of Self-Repair, Bastion players will get a Tactical Grenade that sticks to enemies and bounces off walls.

Minor Changes For Other Overwatch Heroes

There are some smaller Overwatch 2 reworks that have been highlighted as well. Tracer, Doomfist, and Wrecking Ball will be getting changed, and while Blizzard has not provided a deep dive into these reworks, it did suggest that the reworks could take the form of nerfs. Zenyatta will get a slight change to his UI, with the welcome addition letting players see an image of who the Discord and Harmony orbs are attached to. This info will be placed right by Zenyatta’s Ultimate charge, allowing players to read fights easier. Another neat touch will see Lucio’s hair changing color if he is healing or speed boosting.

Lastly, it is worth mentioning that all of Overwatch’s Support heroes are technically being nerfed. With the switch to 5v5, there will now be less players to heal and less damage being done. As such, the characters healing for as much as they used to would make little sense, so Support characters will now have lower healing outputs to keep things balanced. While it will take time to get used to lower stat numbers on hero cards at the end of each match, players should find that the change feels natural overall. While it remains to be seen if the individual hero reworks are a hit with fans, the significant changes being made to each character show that Blizzard is putting in effort to make Overwatch 2 feel unique.

Overwatch 2 is currently in development for PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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