Overwatch 2 Delay is More Reason to Keep the Two Games Separate

The Overwatch franchise took the world by storm when the original game launched in May 2016. The team-based hero shooter offered fun and competition for friends, and has been in a constant state of flux ever since. This has worked well for Overwatch, and as Overwatch 2 has come closer even more changes are being made. Delays of Overwatch 2 have begun to paint a picture that frames the game as less an evolution of Overwatch and more a completely separate title.

Already major changes that were coming to Overwatch 2 made it look like an entirely new concept to many. While the team-based gameplay was still present in reveals, individual team sizes are smaller and heroes have been going through major reworks. Recent leaks for Overwatch 2 feature a major Mercy change, and these adjustments make them seem like two separate titles rather than just the next version of Overwatch.

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Changes for Overwatch 2

The changes for Overwatch 2 aren’t necessarily a bad thing, and lore revisions like McCree’s name change to Cole Cassidy are needed. Activision Blizzard has been in a tumultuous situation with many changes in the last couple of months, and as the company works to adjust the creative teams behind its titles, it is going to need more time to put out the best games it can. Taking this time is a good thing, and with it should come a change to how Overwatch 2 is presented to the public.

Emphasizing Overwatch and Overwatch 2 as two separate games could help to redirect the community’s idea of what to expect. Change can be hard to accept, especially with titles like Overwatch that have built up large and adamant fanbases. Many fans have expressed mixed emotions about the game in the past, suuch as the 5v5 PvP rework in Overwatch 2 possibly being too much for a series that has been dedicated to 6v6 since its launch.

Focusing on Overwatch 2 as separate from its predecessor could benefit the game’s future and paint a clearer picture for fans. Up until now, many people haven’t viewed the titles as separate, and in many ways it could have made sense to just switch over to new systems without releasing an entirely new game. Still, the game has shown itself to be a different iteration of the concepts that players have grown used to, and with additions like the Overwatch 2 story campaign, there could be a lot of new content worth exploring.

Taking the time to set this content up given Overwatch 2 has no new release window after its latest delay should be a priority. It might not have felt like the best option right away, but taking steps away from the original Overwatch could help Overwatch 2 succeed. Adjusting to a new meta and playstyles might be difficult for veteran players, but if they feel their efforts are going into a new game rather than a reprised version of what they know, it could be more palatable.

On top of this, being able to envision a future for Overwatch that can break away from its past is something fans should look forward to. The lore that has gone into the first game has been great, but the sequel’s focus on the future should be front and center. The pasts of Overwatch 2's characters should be acknowledged but left behind, with new additions like Sojourn leading the franchise forward as younger characters address the past actions of heroes like Soldier 76 and Reaper.

Overwatch 2 is in development.

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