Fans Make Impressive Concept for Modern Portable PlayStation Console

Of the primary video game publishers, PlayStation has cultivated a loyal fan base over the course of nearly three decades. In that time, PlayStation has taken on many different hardware iterations that range from home consoles to handhelds. Now, one group of PlayStation fans has designed a modernized, handheld concept based on aspects of the PS5.

While home consoles like the PS4 and PS5 are predominantly what most modern gaming enthusiasts associate PlayStation with, during the mid-2000s and the early 2010s, Sony released handheld PlayStation consoles, such as the PlayStation Portable, or PSP, and the PlayStation Vita. Both systems had their fair share of fans, but both underperformed by comparison to home consoles like the PlayStation 2 and 3. There hasn't been any sign of Sony releasing another portable console, but that hasn't stopped fans from imagining what one might look like.

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Over on Reddit, a user named foxbone, along with an unnamed friend, designed a concept for a new portable PlayStation console. The design itself looks incredibly modernized and quite similar to the Steam Deck in a lot of regards. The way the side controllers slant downward is very reminiscent to the button layout found on the Steam Deck.

What's fascinating about this concept design are the way the side controllers are themed after the PS5 DualSense controller. Not only that, but they look as though they can be taken off and used as individual controllers, such is the case with the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers. Overall, it's a very interesting design that a lot of PlayStation fans could potentially get excited about.

Despite the lack of commercial success, the PS Vita still possesses a strong following of players. As of right now, Sony has no plans for any sort of handheld successor for the PS Vita, but in many ways, the demand for a portable system still exists. It just doesn't seem to generate the same excitement and attention as home consoles like the PS5 do.

It will be interesting to see with the future holds for PlayStation going forward. Right now, there are still ongoing issues with the PS5, due to its lack of availability and scalpers reselling the console online for marked-up prices. The situation has gotten so intense to the point where PS5 resellers were even robbed at gunpoint. Hopefully, as time goes on, demand for the system won't be as high.

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