10 Things You Didn't Know About Berries

The Pokemon universe graced players with a lot of beloved concepts ingrained into its central gameplay loop: Pokeballs to catch Pokemon, the PokeDex to keep track of Pokemon, and the PokeNav to explore any game’s region, to name a few. However, Pokemon in Pokemon rely on various Berries to stay on top of their game, courtesy of their handy bonuses.

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Unlike player-applied Potions, Berries instead affect Pokemon depending on certain situations. As such, the right Berry can secure victory or lead to defeat in any match. However, Pokemon fans might be interested to learn more about more secrets that Berries hold.

10 Berries Serve An Integral Part Of The Ecosystem

Similar to usual flora and fauna, Berries have become a part of the Pokemon Universe for quite some time. The anime reveals that Berries have been around since the dawn of time, implying that Berries may have evolved over the course of years. Wales Island contains trees of ancient Berries, while fossils suggest Pokemon such as Armaldo and Anorith eating Berries from thousands of years ago.

In the Pokemon ecosystem, Grass and Water-Type Pokemon frequently gather large Berries to their shelters. However, fights frequently happen between these Pokemon as they strive for domination over Berry territories.

9 Berries Become More Than Just Held Items

Berries have more uses than one might think beyond their nature as Held Items. When not used in combat, Berries find themselves used in a wide variety of situations. As revealed in the anime, humans can make use of Berries in a wide variety of situations:

8 Berries Affect Pokemon Abilities

Pokemon across Generations are known to carry various characteristics that affect their overall performance. In each Generation, special Abilities can pop up in Pokemon that affect the way they interact with Berries:

7 Berries Become The Target Of Pokemon Moves

Berries also become the target of various Pokemon Moves across Generations. Depending on the effect, a Pokemon can nullify the effects of a Berry, steal a Berry, or even destroy Berries outright. Here are some notable Moves that affect Berries:

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Berries in the Trading Card Game also have a similar function to that of their game counterparts. First appearing in the Neo Genesis expansion after the release of Pokemon Gold and Silver, Berries become a card class called Pokemon Tools. These Pokemon Tools serve as a subclass to Trainer cards, and are activated when attached to Pokemon.

Some Pokemon in the TCG also come with Berries already attached to them. Like in the games, the Berry’s effects come into play as soon as their Pokemon holder is summoned. These Pokemon include Bidoof, Shinx, Pikachu, Chimchar, and Piplup.

5 Berries Become Capture, Gym Aids In Pokemon GO

Berries also have a similar effect in Pokemon GO, but this time around towards enemy Pokemon. Whereas Pokemon in games have Berries as Held Items, Berries in Pokemon GO aid in the capturing and defending process.

In most instances, Trainers feed Wild Pokemon a Berry in order to make them more susceptible to captures. These include calming Nanab Berry, Candy-dropping Pinap Berry, or capture rate-increasing Razz Berry. Since 2017, Pokemon that defend Gyms can eat Berries to boost their motivation or healing.

4 Berries Have Odd Effects In The Anime

Berries also make an appearance in the anime as native fruits. However, the anime does have Berries outside the game that feature unique effects. These Berries include:

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3 Berries Become Currency In PokePark

Berries also have a function in the PokePark Wii Games, this time in the form of currencies. Players use Berries for training or Attractions and can be obtained by finishing Skill Games or earning Bonuses. There also exists a Big Berry that can either be given to Munchlax for consumption or used to befriend Pikachu.

There are also Berries found in the field that merit points when obtained. These Berries are classified by color and not necessarily their species. For instance, Green Berries net 10 points whereas Red Berries net 50 points. However, Golden Berries earn the highest as they can net 100 Points a pop.

2 Berries Have An e-Reader Variant

Berries also make an appearance in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire in a special format through e-Reader Cards. Hyped as an accessory item for the GameBoy Advance, the e-Reader can scan Berry Cards to obtain them in the game.

However, each instance of the game can only have room for on e-Reader Berry. As such, new data from another e-Reader Card will overwrite the data of an existing e-Reader Berry. Popular e-Reader Berries include the Pumkin Berry, which can cure Freeze.

1 Berries Become A Component In The Arcade Game

In Pokemon Battrio, players do battle with a team of Pokemon accessed via real-life pucks. Aside from only having one Move instead of four, Pokemon also have access to Special Abilities. Berries appear in the game as Special Abilities, which give attack damage and Fervor (damage multiplier) bonuses to Pokemon exposed to them.

Special Berry types exist in Battrio, such as a Large Berry that is worth four times the normal Berry, the Ojama Berry that grants a slow debuff, and a Super Berry that boosts both attack and speed.

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