The Best Unused Type Combinations

Pokemon battles are a dominant aspect of the experience, and any given Pokemon's typing plays a huge role in what the creature can do and what it is naturally resistant or weak to. Generation 6 changed up this balance with the introduction of Fairy-types, adding new effectiveness to the type charts. Since its introduction, Fairy has became one of the most powerful types in the whole series thanks to its natural immunity against Dragon-type Pokemon and its offensive capabilities.

Dragon remains a common type for pseudo-Legendary Pokemon and Legendaries alike, and some Mega Evolutions like Ampharos added it as a secondary typing. With a total of 18 different Pokemon types that can be combined in groups of two, some combinations haven't been explored in the series and others have only been used either for special forms or Legendary creatures, leaving sixteen unused type combinations prior to Pokemon Legends: Arceus. One of the most interesting combinations will be added to the series via Hisuian Zorua and Zoroark, a Normal and Ghost-type line, and more could follow.

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Fire and Grass

Fire and Grass is a combination that breaks the starter trifecta to a degree, as Water-type moves lose their effectiveness against Fire while Fire moves lose their effectiveness against Grass. This type combination would be nice to see both in terms of concept and actual gameplay, considering the pair would be super effective against seven types and deal reduced damage to only one. Defensively, a Fire/Grass-type Pokemon would take double damage from Flying, Poison, and Rock-type moves, but it would gain three 50 percent resistances and a 75 percent resistance as well.

Electric and Fighting

An Electric/Fighting Pokemon would be interesting to see in action, with a type combination capable of dealing super effective damage against seven other types. In terms of defense, this type combination offers five 50 percent resistances to types that are frequently used in the games, including Steel, Dark, and Electric. However, it would also come with three weaknesses, among which there are Ground and Fairy moves.

Rock and Ghost

Ghost-type Pokemon are always fun to mix with other types due to their natural immunity to Normal and Fighting, which is particularly strong when paired with types that are naturally weak to Fightning moves. A Rock/Ghost Pokemon has two immunities, three 50 percent resistances, and a 75 percent resistance to Bug-type moves, but it is also weak to six different types - many of which are popular and strong. Luckily, this type combination would be powerful on the offensive side, as it packs super effective STAB moves against six types.

Fighting and Ground

Fighting-type Pokemon are often powerful, with super effective damage against five different types, and the same holds true for Ground. When combined, these types have one of the best STAB coverages in the series, with eight types being weak to either Fighting or Ground, and only two resisting them both: Bug and Flying. Defensively, this combination takes super-effective damage from six other types, but it still comes with three 50 percent resistances, a 75 percent resistance, and the immunity to Electric moves.

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Fighting and Fairy

No Fighting/Fairy-type Pokemon exists yet, though this type combination offers excellent coverage against seven types, with only one resisting it. In terms of defense, a Fighting/Fairy-type would be weak to five types, resist two at 50 percent, resist two more at 75 percent, and also have an immunity to Dragon-types.

Poison and Steel

Despite being one of the combinations to take four-time damage from a single type, Poison and Steel can be quite pesky to deal with combined. A Poison/Steel-type Pokemon would be weak to Ground-types and Fire, but it would have six 50 percent resistances, three 75 percent resistances, and an immunity to Poison. On the offensive side, this combination would be the best to deal with Fairy Pokemon, and only Steel-type Pokemon resist its STAB moves.

Fire and Fairy

With Fairy-type Pokemon being weak to Steel, having Fire as a secondary type would make it great both defensively and offensively. This combination is only weak against four types, but it gains six 50 percent resistances, a 75 percent resistance, and an immunity to Dragon-type moves. As for the offensive aspect, Fire and Fairy are super effective against a total of seven types.

Ground and Fairy

When a Pokemon gets two of the strongest types in the series combined, it becomes a force to be reckoned with. A Ground/Fairy-type Pokemon would have only four weaknesses, but also four 50 percent resistances and two immunities - one to Dragon, the other to Electric-types. This combination is also especially nasty in terms of super effectiveness against other Pokemon, considering it deals double damage with STAB moves against eight types, with no uncovered resistances.

Normal and Steel

Possibly the strongest unused combination in the Pokemon series, Normal and Steel would be the ultimate type duo in terms of defense. A Normal/Steel-type Pokemon would take four times the damage from Fighting-types and twice the damage from Fire and Ground, but it would gain an impressive amount of resistances. Alongside an immunity to both Poison and Ghost, Normal/Steel Pokemon would resist a total of ten types, leaving only three types in the game that deal normal damage to them.

What it packs in defense, this combination lacks in offense, as it only deals double damage against three types and is resisted by other Steel-type Pokemon. Still, outside of Normal/Ghost, this type combination would probably be one of the most fascinating to see in future games

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