How to Beat Roark in the Oreburgh City Gym

Oreburgh City is one of the first major locations that players visit in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl and is home to the first of Sinnoh's eight gyms. Its leader, Roark, isn't around when players first arrive in Oreburgh though, so they'll need to explore the Oreburgh Mine in order to make him show up. Thankfully, however, this is a relatively short excursion that shouldn't take more than a few minutes providing players have the right Pokemon.

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How challenging the Oreburgh City Gym will be for players really depends on which starter Pokemon they chose. Those who picked Turtwig or Piplup should be able to breeze through the gym without needing to give it too much thought, but anyone who opted for Chimchar will either need to do quite a bit of grinding or catch a second Pokemon who is better suited to tackling Roark's rock-type Pokemon. With the right planning though, this needn't take too long.

How to Prepare for the Oreburgh City Gym

As mentioned above, players who picked Turtwig or Piplup at the start of the game really won't need to do too much prep work before tackling the Oreburgh City Gym. Assuming they haven't been shying away from trainer battles, their starters should be around level 14 by this point in the game, which, thanks to their type effectiveness, should enable them to wipe the floor with Roark and the other two trainers found in the gym.

For those who chose Chimchar, things are not so straightforward, but there are a few viable options. The first, and arguably the most sensible of these is to head north from Oreburgh City and catch a Machop in the long grass near the entrance to Route 207. If they do this before exploring the Oreburgh Mine and use the Machop in each of the trainer battles there, they should be able to get it to around level 12 by the time they leave, which will be more than enough to breeze through Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl's first gym.

Alternatively, players can level up their Chimchar to level 12 so that it learns the fighting-type move, Power-Up Punch. This will be super effective against all of the Pokemon that players face in the Oreburgh City Gym. Without STAB (same type attack bonus), however, it won't be enough to bring them down with a single hit. With this in mind, players will probably need to reach level 16 so that Chimchar evolves to really ensure that they have enough firepower to emerge victorious.

How to Get to Roark

The layout of the Oreburgh City gym is incredibly simple, with players simply needing to walk straight forward to reach Roark. Taking the most direct route to him does mean walking past two trainers though, so those who are in a hurry may want to use the ladders at the sides of the gym to bypass these extra battles. Given that they provide a decent amount of experience points, however, they should generally be viewed as a good way to get in some last-minute leveling. If needed, players can always leave the gym between battles to heal at the nearby Pokemon Center anyway.

How to Beat Roark

Roark's first two Pokemon really shouldn't cause too much trouble if players are attacking with water, grass, or fighting-type moves. As neither of them possesses the sturdy ability, both should go down in a single hit. Roark's Cranidos is a little tougher and can dish out some decent damage with Headbutt. Providing players have a few potions to hand and a backup Pokemon waiting in the wings, even Cranidos shouldn't put up too much of a fight. For those struggling though, they can always return to the Oreburgh Mine to gain a few extra levels if needed.

Oreburgh City Gym Trainers

Youngster Jonathon (₱440)
Geodude (Lv. 11)
Youngster Darius (₱416)
Geodude (Lv. 9)
Onix (Lv. 9)
Leader Roark (₱1,960)
Geodude (Lv. 12) Defense Curl
Stealth Rock
Onix (Lv. 12) Rock Throw
Stealth Rock
Cranidos (Lv. 14) Headbutt

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